Sam Smith performs at Mardi Gras in giant 'equality' dress

Sam Smith stole the show. (Getty Images)
Sam Smith stole the show. (Getty Images)

We knew that Sam Smith’s Mardi Gras show was going to be something special and they didn’t disappoint.

The 27-year-old, who asked to be referred to by the pronouns ‘they/them’ not ‘he/him’ in September 2019, owned the stage at the Mardi Gras after-party in Sydney, Australia.

The performance was made even better by the biggest dress we’ve ever seen.

Smith donned a red dress embellished with the word “equality” in a black, handwritten font.

Smith posted a photo on Instagram of their performance, which marked their first LGBT+ inclusive event.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. I’ve been s***ting myself all day. I love you Sydney and I love being queer x,” the caption read.

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The theme of 2020’s Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade was “What Matters”. It was the 42nd Mardi Gras parade which attracted around 200,000 spectators.

Before Smith performed at the afterparty, they were pictured enjoying the festivities wearing a matching green print jacket and trousers and a white lace top.

Sam Smith was seen before their performance enjoying the parade. (Getty Images)
Sam Smith was seen before their performance enjoying the parade. (Getty Images)

Smith posted another photo of them alongside Dua Lipa - who was also asked to perform at the Mardi Gras event - to their 14.7 million followers.

They captioned the photo with a selection of multi-coloured hearts, a symbol of the pride flag.

Smith explained the importance of the event in a recent interview with The Daily Telegraph.

“I just want to make it really special. I've put a lot of time money, and effort into it,” the four-time Grammy award winner said.

They went on to say that the event felt like a “milestone” as the show was quite different to their usual ballads.

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Smith, who came out as non-binary last year, is set to release a new album in May featuring songs that are inspired by the “shame” they have felt throughout their life.

The singer has been very open about their weight struggles, which will likely play a role in the new album.

At Christmas, they posted an Instagram photo alluding to the struggles they’ve been through in relation to their weight.

“Let’s make sure we remind our bodies during this time that no matter what weight we are, we are deserving of love and acceptance. Let’s love our fluctuating bodies.” They wrote.

Between Smith’s music and their fashion, we’re always excited about a Sam Smith performance.

Recently, they attended the Attitude Awards Ceremony in forest green lace “underwear” while previously they’ve stole the show with angular heeled boots.

This dress, though, might be the best outfit yet.

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