Saltburn production designer unveils what Barry Keoghan slurped in bathtub scene

Saltburn Barry Keoghan
Barry Keoghan in Saltburn (Image: Prime Video)

Ever since the release of Emerald Fennell’s Saltburn one scene has dominated discourse between friends and online.

Of course, we’re talking about the bathtub scene that sees Oliver (Barry Keoghan) spy on Felix (Jacob Elordi) pleasuring himself in the bath. After Felix is done Oliver climbs in and is seen “guzzling” the remains of the bathwater along with Felix’s ejaculate.

The scene has taken on a life of its own, going viral and inspiring candles and cocktails named after Jacob Elordi’s bathwater.

Now, Saltburn production designer, Suzie Davies, has clarified what actor Barry Keoghan was actually slurping on. Speaking to Business Insider recently Davies discussed the mechanics and logistics of filming the scene before turning to the actual concoction.

“Yogurt and a bit of milk and some water,” was what was in the bottom of the fiberglass bathtub that was constructed especially for the scene. “[Keoghan] did it four times and really went for it,” Davies then added. “Every one he did was a different kind of slurp.

“Often, when you film things like that, there are 20 people in the room. It’s quite tense. But the cast can bring something that’s so extraordinary that you can hear a pin drop. So when Barry was doing his stuff, it was amazing. He had no inhibitions.”

Addressing the scene at the Saltburn Los Angeles premiere in November, Elordi told Variety he was “very proud to have Barry Keoghan guzzling [his bathwater] like that.” In response, Keoghan said: “[Elordi] doesn’t text me back or ring me back. It’s so weird. He’s pretending to like me.”

Fennell said: “What you want is for people to spill out into the street and want to go and have a drink and talk about [Saltburn].” Well, people have certainly done that!

Saltburn is streaming now.

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