Salt Water Is The Liquid Hero You Need To Rescue Ordinary Bland Potato Chips

A pile of salted potato chips
A pile of salted potato chips - 5PH/Shutterstock

Potato chips, possibly the ultimate savory snack, reign supreme as the crunchy morsel of choice for many aficionados. Whether kettle-cooked, air-fried, or baked, these crunchy spuds are primarily consumed for their delightful crispiness. While they often come coated in an assortment of seasonings, they are best known for their original flavoring element: salt.

Unfortunately, not all potato chips contain the optimal level of salty goodness. Perhaps you try a new brand that lacks the salt kick you're used to, or maybe a stray bag of Lay's feels a bit under-seasoned. For the true sodium lover, even the average bag of chips might taste slightly bland. Fortunately, this can be remedied with two readily available ingredients: salt and water. When added to a spray bottle, saltwater can easily be applied to a bowl of chips. Thanks to the fine mist and the effects of evaporation, this salinated spray is actually the best way to add an extra layer of saltiness to your next serving of potato chips.

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Get Out The Spray Bottle

mist coming out of a spray bottle
mist coming out of a spray bottle - prasit2512/Shutterstock

If you've ever tried to sprinkle salt over the hard surface of a chip, you'll know how difficult it can be to get the tiny grains to adhere. Often, the salt crystals simply fall off the food, ending up on the plate or floor. In contrast, salt spray gently mists the chips, coating the exposed surfaces evenly.

While pre-made salt sprays are available for purchase, making one at home is the easiest method. Create a mixture of salt and water and heat it until the salt dissolves. Start with one teaspoon of salt per cup of water and adjust based on your taste preference. The finer the salt grain, the easier it will dissolve in the solution. Once the mixture cools, your salty secret weapon against bland chips is ready for deployment.

Pour the liquid into an empty spray bottle and mist it over the chips. This works best if you lay the chips out on a platter or baking sheet, ensuring even exposure. Set the spray bottle to a fine mist setting, so the saltwater distributes equally. After spraying, wait for the fine water droplets to evaporate. As the water evaporates, a thin layer of salt will remain, coating the full surface area of each chip.

Adding Even More Flavor To Your Chips

bowls of flavored chips
bowls of flavored chips - AtlasStudio/Shutterstock

Beyond salt, there are plenty of ways to enhance chips with additional seasonings. For a sweet and spicy combination, try drizzling your homemade chips with hot honey. This intriguing blend of sweet honey and spicy peppers coats the chips in a delicious, sticky layer. The peppers add a spicy flare, which is then tempered by the smooth honey glaze.

If you prefer to forgo the sweetness and embrace full spice, consider adding your favorite taco seasoning to potato chips. Unlike salt, the spices in a good taco seasoning — like chili powder and cumin — are very fine. When you sprinkle taco seasoning over a pile of chips, it will adhere to the chips, unlike salt, which often bounces off. Taco-seasoned chips can be enjoyed on their own, or as a base for potato chip nachos.

To recreate the popular salt and vinegar flavor at home, use powdered vinegar after applying the salt spray. Similar to the taco seasoning, this dry mix will adhere to the chips, imparting the strong, tangy taste of vinegar.

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