Salma Hayek, 53, praised for 'youthful' make-up free swimsuit photo

Salma Hayek has shared a make-up free pool selfie to Instagram, pictured here February 2020. (Getty Images)
Salma Hayek has shared a make-up free pool selfie on Instagram, pictured here February 2020. (Getty Images)

While many of us don’t feel comfortable sharing make-up free selfies, Salma Hayek is more than happy to put her natural beauty front and centre sharing a bare faced swimwear shot to social media.

The 53-year-old actor posted a fresh-faced photo taken by the pool to Instagram.

Posing in a low-cut one-piece swimsuit, her tousled, beach hair left loose, the Frida star, who has been vacationing in Greece with her French husband, Francois Pinault, looked relaxed as she donned a white hat to finish her poolside look.

While Hayek chose to leave the image caption-free, her followers were quick to show their appreciation for the au-natural pool post with the update quickly clocking up more than 305K likes, with many commenters calling the photo “stunning”.

“Absolute perfection,” one fan wrote.

“So many years later and you’re still looking so awesome,” another commented.

“Wow, who’s that hot young new model?!” another teased.

Hayek looks so youthful in the shot, some even questioned whether it was in fact a throwback.

“TBT?” one user posed.

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It isn’t the first time Hayek, who will be 54 in September, has shared a make-up free shot from the pool. Earlier this year the actor shared another natural post with her emerging from the turquoise water.

“Agua,” she captioned the snapshot of her in a magenta swimsuit emerging from a pool, adding the hashtag #nomakeup as proof she’d forgone the foundation.

And the Oscar-nominated actor regularly offers fans a hint of her make-up free confidencet, previously sharing another bare-faced selfie with her 14.6 million Instagram followers.

That time she showcased her timeless complexion while looking casual in a soft purple T-shirt with the word ‘grateful’ emblazoned across the front.

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The star has previously opened up about her beauty regime, revealing make-up free days are her best days.

“My favourite days are the days that you're not wearing make-up, and you're not looking in the mirror because you're not thinking about how you look,” she is quoted as saying in People’s Beautiful Issue.

“You’re just present, and you’re just doing your thing.

“And this is the best thing about not wearing make-up, when you’re not thinking, ‘How do I look without make-up? Oh, I forgot to put make-up.’ When you’re just living life, and this is not your priority.”

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Last year, the actor almost broke the Internet after celebrating her birthday by sharing a photo of her bikini body with the world.

“Yes, tomorrow I turn 53. So!?” she wrote in the accompanying caption.

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