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Sales of this $44 egg maker are up 405,000% on Amazon — it makes 'perfect' egg bites

"I can finally make perfect egg bites!"

Dash Deluxe Sous Vide Style Egg Bite Maker with Silicone Molds for Breakfast Sandwiches, Healthy Snacks or Desserts, Keto & Paleo Friendly, (1 large, 4 mini) - Black
This egg maker is climbing Amazon's Movers & Shakers list (Photo via Amazon).

If there's one thing you can always count on Amazon for, it's unique kitchen gadgets. From air fryers to indoor grills, the retailer has thousands of unique and versatile devices, many of which have been lauded as kitchen "game-changers." One device garnering attention is the Dash Deluxe Sous Vide Style Egg Bite Maker. This sous vide-style egg maker is up 405,000 per cent on Amazon's Movers & Shakers list, and if you read one of its 9,000 five-star reviews, it's easy to see why. To shop the gadget and learn how to make "fluffy and delicious" egg bites at home, scroll below.

Make personalized egg bites in minutes with this best-selling DASH egg cooker.

$44 at Amazon

How does it work?

This handy egg bite maker is great for those who enjoy sous vide-style eggs. Simply whisk your eggs and add your toppings, pour the mixture into the silicone moulds — the device comes with four mini moulds and one large mould — and cook for 10-12 minutes. The mini moulds are perfect for bite-sized egg bites, think Starbucks Egg Bites, whereas the larger mould can be used for egg sandwiches.

What Amazon reviewers say

The DASH Deluxe Sous Vide Style Egg Bite Maker has racked up nearly 14,000 reviews and a four-star rating, earning it a best-seller status on Amazon.

Shoppers say it works "better than expected" and note it's "super easy" to use and clean.

"If you like egg bites, this is the machine for you," writes one reviewer.

"I can finally make perfect egg bites!" This machine makes them "perfectly," saving you money at the drive-through.

DASH Deluxe Sous Vide Style Egg Bite Maker with Silicone Molds (Photo via Amazon).
DASH Deluxe Sous Vide Style Egg Bite Maker with Silicone Molds (Photo via Amazon).

Another shopper says the DASH "cooks eggs to perfection." The eggs come out "fluffy and delicious."

It makes "perfect egg bites," echos a fourth shopper. Simply "plug it in, put your food in, close it and away you go."

While the device has earned thousands of five-star reviews, some shoppers say it's "good if you're alone" but warn it may not be the most time or size-efficient option if you're feeding multiple mouths.

One reviewer said it's "too small." "I wish it could fit one egg per cup," they said, " instead, it only fits half."

Is it worth buying?

Like most niche single-use gadgets, it's really up to how much you will use it. If you spend a ton of money on fast-food egg bites or consider sous vide-style eggs one of your favourite breakfast foods, the Dash Deluxe Sous Vide Style Egg Bite Maker may be a great investment. However, if you're feeding a large group, you might be better off with this DASH Sous Vide Style Family Size Egg Bite Maker.

This family-sized egg maker comes with nine individual mini moulds.

$89 at Amazon

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