Sagittarius Season Is Bringing A Major Vibe Boost This Month

Sagittarius Season Is Bringing A Major Vibe Boost This Month
  • Sagittarius season starts on November 22, 2023 and ends December 21, 2023.

  • This astrological season is all about feeling optimistic about the future.

  • Sag season impacts all zodiac signs, but Sagittarius and Gemini will feel it the most.

Let’s be real for a second here: The holiday season can be a bit…intense. You’re running around trying to grab gifts for everyone on your list, hitting up parties all over the place, and doing your best to avoid family drama. All of that can be a bit #toomuch. But, this year, you’ll be 100-percent unbothered by all the chaos.

In fact, you can expect to feel straight-up amazing starting... now. The instant vibe boost is thanks to Sagittarius season, which runs from November 22, 2023 through December 21, 2023. As one of the 12 astrological seasons that happen each month, it brings its own special energy to the zodiac calendar, which can impact all areas of your life—including your work, relationships, and even exercise routine.

During this Sagittarius season, you’ll be more optimistic about the future and take steps to make it an (even better) reality, according to Donna Page, a certified astrologer in Atlanta. But, naturally, there’s a lot more to it than that. Here’s what your zodiac sign can expect during Sagittarius season.

What does Sagittarius season mean for your sign?

At its core, Sag season is about feeling mentally strong. And yeah, that can seep into pretty much everything. You’ll wake up, leaning more heavily into the mindset of "I got this!" vs. "What am I going to dooo?!" Overall, you’ll just have this super optimistic, rosy mindset which, ya know, is a nice change.

At the same time, you’ll get a serious itch to travel. You don’t want to be stuck in the same place, whether it means crashing at a friend’s place for the weekend, taking a holiday road trip with your BFF, or getting out of the country for a much-deserved vacation.

Meanwhile, you’ll feel more motivated than usual to make sure you don’t miss out on new opportunities. Like, sure, it’s easy to bow out of girls' night and stay home watching Netflix when you’re semi-tired, but it definitely doesn’t feel amazing when you spot your friends' hilarious Insta posts from their epic night out. You’ve learned from the past, and you won’t make that mistake again.

This particular Sagittarius season is connected with the planet Saturn, which tends to reel things in. You’ll find yourself wondering why you can’t just win the lottery, only to check stats on how often people ~actually~ do that…and decide maybe it’s better to ask for a raise or look for a more lucrative gig.

It's not all about being practical, though. The moon is in Pisces at the same time, putting a strong emphasis on daydreaming. Don’t be surprised if you get inspired to take a few days off and hit up the Eras tour in another country—the only thing holding you back from making it happen is you. (And, of course, Ticketmaster’s availability.)

On the love front, you’ll revel in having a partner who lets you do you (as it should be!). And, if you’re dating around and catch even a whiff of controlling vibes from someone, you’ll be out of there faster than Santa Clause's sleigh can fly.

All zodiac signs will experience the vibes of this season, but Sagittarius and Gemini will feel it the most.

Is your fave celeb a Sagittarius? Watch this video to found out:

How will Sagittarius season affect the rest of your year?

Learning to look past all of the pressing stuff you’ve got going on this second will help you get a little more perspective in life. Sure, you might feel stressed at the moment, but it won’t last forever (promise!). Being able to remind yourself of that will help give you—and your mental health—a solid boost going forward.

That whole carpe diem mentality will push you to get out more and make sure you’re ~actually~ living it up, as you should.

When it comes to relationships, ensuring you’re with a supportive partner now will only help set you up for success in the future, regardless of your long-term goals for your love life. After all, while you don’t ~need~ to be with anyone, it definitely helps to have someone positive in your corner.

Finally, striking a good balance between being practical and spontaneous will only ensure that you keep things fresh and fun—within reason—as you close out 2023.

When’s the next zodiac season?

Next up is Capricorn season, which runs from December 22, 2023 to January 19, 2023. During this time, you’ll feel pretty ambitious. Translation: It's the perfect time to get a jumpstart on any New Year resolutions, just saying...

But, for now, enjoy those feelings of optimal optimism.

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