Rylan Clark jokes about running for PM as he says showbiz is 'full of a**holes'

Rylan Clark has jokingly claimed he's going to run for Prime Minister, after saying showbiz is "full of a**holes". The TV presenter discussed his experiences in the industry and rise to fame in a new interview.

Rylan, 35, found fame on The X Factor in 2012 before going on to win Celebrity Big Brother. The star has gone on to carve out an impressive career as a television presenter, hosting the likes of This Morning and Supermarket Sweep.

Despite having pursued a career in showbiz, Rylan admitted the industry is filled with "entitled people" and said he "learned the hard way" in his early days of post-X Factor fame.

Rylan Clark has admitted his pal Louis Walsh was a 'shell of a man' following his stint on Celebrity Big Brother as he opened up about the music manager on Good Morning Britain
Rylan Clark has said showbiz is full of 'a**holes' -Credit:Getty Images

“Like, full of entitled people that believe that they are something special, and that they can talk to people like sh*t, and that they can get away with it. And subsequently do get away with it,” he told the Mirror.

Rylan added: “Going into that industry at 23 when I was on X Factor I learned that the hard way by seeing how people would treat me, a reality contestant. ‘He’s not going to be about in two weeks, I don’t need to make the effort to him’…”

He went on to share his hopes of a brand new career, as he jokingly said he's ready to run for PM as he doesn't "believe in political parties anymore". He said: "I don’t think that’s how it should be done … Next year I will be running! Free veneers for everyone! And on Wednesdays we wear pink!”

Rylan won legions of fans after appearing on The X Factor
Rylan found fame on The X Factor -Credit:No credit

Elsewhere, Rylan discussed his split from ex-husband Dan Neal, admitting he hit "rock bottom". The former couple tied the knot in 2015 but their separation was announced in 2021.

Rylan has been open about the breakdown of his marriage and how it caused him to struggle mentally. Opening up about his marital split on the High Performance podcast last year, Rylan admitted: "A year ago I had a marriage breakdown, which turned into a mental breakdown for me."

Rylan Clark and Dan Neal at an event together in 2016
Rylan was once in a relationship with Dan Neal, now 44 -Credit:Joanne Davidson/REX/Shutterstock

He spoke bravely about how he tried to end his life during this tough time but voiced he was thankful to still be here. The former X Factor contestant revealed he began "looking at different things as opportunities".

Later in the chat, he confessed: "I'm having a relationship with myself at the moment that I've never had. And maybe I need to do that for me".