Ruth Langsford flooded with well wishes as she cares for dog Maggie amid Eamonn Holmes divorce

Ruth Langsford and her dog Maggie.
-Credit: (Image: Instagram)

This Morning host Ruth Langsford has told her fans that she will be lavishing her dog Maggie with extra TLC after a visit to the vet this week.

The television personality, 64, posted on Instagram to share with followers that her pet pooch of 14 years had undergone a procedure to remove a "little wart", under sedation.

In the accompanying video, viewers saw a groggy looking Maggie, coming back to her worried owner after the treatment. The video depicted Maggie adorned with stitches and a shorn patch on her back. In the background, we can hear a relieved Ruth cooing: "Hello darling! Oh, look at you. Hello! Did you think I'd left you here forever? ".

The next clip - shared with her astounding one million followers - showed Maggie feasting from a bowl, presumably once they had returned home. A visibly relieved Ruth is seen gently patting her head as they relax on the couch together, reports the Mirror.

Ruth Langsford's dog Maggie
Ruth Langsford's dog Maggie greeting her at the vets. -Credit:Instagram

Captioning these tender moments, Ruth wrote: "Maggie had a little wart removed this morning under sedation so she's feeling a bit sorry for herself this afternoon! Lots of TLC from Mummy required."

She added: "Thank you [St George's Veterinary Centre] for looking after our precious girl."

Her post was immediately flooded with likes and well wishes from her fans. One follower comforted: "Poor Maggie. Get well soon."

Another sent their love, commenting: "Bless her. Get well soon Maggie." A third chimed in with: "Wishing her a speedy recovery."

Someone else responded to the post: "Feel better soon lovely Maggie," while one follower commented: "She'll be glad to be home. Hope she's ok."

Another person said: "Sending big hugs to Maggie. I hope she gets better soon."

Ruth has often shared her love for rescue dog Maggie on social media, and the adorable pooch has even made appearances on This Morning when Ruth and her now-estranged husband Eamonn Holmes were at the helm.

During a heartfelt segment on Loose Women last year, Ruth got visibly emotional discussing the thought of losing her furry friend. The conversation was sparked by a Coronation Street plot where Evelyn Plummer, portrayed by Maureen Lipman, had to say farewell to her greyhound Cerberus.

After watching a clip from the emotional scene, Ruth confessed, "I can't bear it," and later added, "You know that, hopefully, in the grand scheme of things, you know that that pet is going to go before you and that's a heartbreaking thing."

Ruth and Eamonn
Ruth and Eamonn

Fighting back tears, Ruth opened up to her fellow panellists about her own ageing companion, saying, "I'm looking at Maggie who's a bit grey now and she's 13-ish, because she's a rescue dog, and so watching that was like ... that is gonna happen."

Maggie made her debut alongside Ruth and Eamonn on This Morning back in 2016. Before introducing Maggie to the audience, Ruth posed a playful question: "If we were to split, Eamonn and I, who would Maggie choose? " After some banter, Ruth concluded that Maggie's affections were "equal," despite Eamonn cheekily pointing out that she came to him first.

Fast forward to the present, and it's been confirmed that Ruth and Eamonn have parted ways. The news of their separation broke in May, accompanied by a statement from the pair. They announced: "[Ruth] and [Eamonn] have confirmed their marriage is over and they are in the process of divorcing."