Rusk Seniors enjoy Mega Games

May 10—The Rusk Class of 2024 enjoyed the traditional end-of-year Mega Games Thursday at the Rusk Civic Center, swimming pool and baseball complex. Mega Games, a day of frivolity, is sponsored by local churches and allows the seniors to have a day to relax with friends and make lasting memories.

Thursday was spent painting rocks, putting together puzzles, spending time outdoors, swimming and playing sports like kickball, volleyball, basketball and golf.

"It's their last hurrah or field day together where they can just have fun and relax before we start finals," said English teacher Cherise Poland. "It's an accolade to their success."

U.S. and World History teacher Kay Stover said the event was something the students look forward to all year.

"It's also an incentive for them," Stover said. "They can't have make-up hours and no big discipline issues throughout the year."

Two young men, Caison Arnwine and Juan Carlos Garza, confirmed that the event was something they'd looked forward to for some time.

Arnwine said he'd looked forward to the day all year as a day to chill.

Garza said he'd not only looked forward to Mega Games the entire year, but since he was a freshman.

"It is very emotional," he said. "I was looking forward to hanging out with a lot of my friends before graduation comes. This is going to be one of the last opportunities to hang out together."

Both said they are now looking forward to attending college.

Garza also said he hoped school had prepared him for the real world.