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This affordable women's running vest makes marathon training a lot easier

The outdoor running vest is great for beginners and is currently a bargain price.

This £30 Amazon running vest is ideal for covering long distances. (Amazon / Yahoo Life UK)

Last summer I took up running, with the goal of simply getting better at it. Fast forward to March 2024, and I'm training to run a marathon. Along with the typical essentials like comfortable trainers, leggings that don't slip down and a supportive sports bra, one of the best investments I've made over the last seven months is an Amazon Utobest Running Backpack.

As the distances I was running became longer and longer, I suddenly needed to carry more snacks, water and cold weather must-haves, like a jumper, in order to fuel properly and remain hydrated. However, carrying all those things, and trying to run at the same time is impossible, so I began researching into running vests.

I visited Decathlon multiple times, spent hours online researching big-name brands like Salomon, Adidas and Nike and read hundreds of reviews. I also joined a Facebook group for beginner women runners. One day while scrolling through the page, I stumbled across one user asking for recommendations for running vests for bigger busts. All the answers said the same — the Utobest Running Backpack — both for its supportive design and affordable £30 price tag.

I immediately added it to my basket and began trying it out. It's been six weeks and I love it. It's practical, comfortable and supportive for my larger chest (for context I'm a size 36DD) and I now wear it on every run.

🛍️ Product reviewed: Amazon Utobest Running Backpack
Tested for: Six weeks
Rating: 5 out of five
💸 Reasons to buy: Many storage compartments, adjustable fit, supportive for bigger busts
Reasons to avoid: Not essential for every run
💰 Best deal we've found: Get it for £29.80 on Amazon, reduced from £39.90

Weight: 250g | Colour: Black | Material: Nylon | Key features: Multiple compartments, reflective strip design, adjustable belt

I love the adjustable side straps while keep me feeling secure and stop all the vest's contents from moving around while I'm running. 

£30 at Amazon

💸 Reasons to buy

Firstly, the smart design means there's a surprising amount of storage space without making the vest itself feel overwhelmingly big or bulky. There's a main zipped compartment on the back, with a slip pocket inside. I use one section to hold my water bottles and the other for a thin jumper to throw on if I get cold.

On the front there's two pockets with a drawstring closure — I pop my energy bars on one side for easy access and a lip balm in the other. Lastly, there's two small zip pockets that sit by my collarbones which are perfect for storing my keys and bank card. Meaning altogether, there's a total of six different compartments.

(Yahoo Life UK)
I've been using this vest on every run over the past six weeks as part of my marathon training. (Yahoo Life UK)

£29.80 £39.90 at Amazon

Both the front and back have a reflective strip for extra visibility when running at safely at night. And, best of all, there's adjustable straps on either side of the vest, which allow you to customise the fit exactly how you like it. When tightened, nothing moves around or makes noise, it feels like a second skin.

For extra support, the clips at the front the vest can also be adjusted to the perfect fit, but never dig into my chest or feel uncomfortable. It never feels tight or restrictive.

Reasons to avoid

Running vests aren't essential and you can run just as easily without one.

That said, this has been a valuable investment for me as it allows my hands to be free of holding snacks and water, but also ensures I'm properly equipped for running any distance, in any weather.

💰 Best deal we've found

Great news — the Utobest Running Backpack is currently on sale at Amazon, reduced from £39.90 to £29.80.

During my research I struggled to find a basic running vest for under £40, so for £30, this was by far the cheapest I found that met all my needs.

Shop now: Utobest Running Backpack | £29.80 (Was £39.90) from Amazon

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A current bestseller at Amazon, this compact vest is perfect for holding your phone while moving. Waterproof and weather resistant, the zipped pocket opens via a pull cord zipper so you can slide your phone in and out easily. It also has an adjustable waistband and discreet pocket for your keys. 

£24 at Amazon

This larger vest is ideal for marathon training. It comes with a 500ml hydrating bottle, along with five pockets of varying sizes for cards, keys, towels and more. It also has an adjustable waistband and a large reflective strip on the back for increased visibility. 

£32 at Amazon

This affordable vest has a thin mesh design to absorb sweat while running, and sturdy buckles to reduce the weight on your shoulders. There's six storage compartments in total, with three on the back and three on the front. 

£30 at Amazon