Ruffles Has a New Chip Flavor Heading to Shelves Soon

It looks like another Frito-Lay fave!



We’re not really sure what it is about summer, but snacking seems to get just a little bit better when the sun is shining and you’re outside at the park, by the beach, or on a boat. Plus, let’s be real, throwing a bag of chips in a backpack is much easier than whipping up most potluck recipes—and very few people can turn down a potato chip.

Well, at least we can’t, which is why we get so excited about new chip flavors. And between Lay’s Honey Butter, Doritos Flamin’ Hot Mystery Flavor, and Adele’s beloved cocktail prawn-flavored potato chips finally hitting shelves, we’ve got a lot to be amped about this summer—and it’s not even technically summer yet.

With a few weeks until the new season, brands are taking this time to roll out their new products that will become snacking staples for barbecues, hikes, and everything in between. Ruffles is throwing its hat in the ring with the launch of limited-edition Korean-Style Sweet & Spicy Chili ridged potato chips.



The new Ruffles flavor will hit retailer shelves nationwide on June 17—just in time for Fourth of July shopping.

While there isn’t too much information out there about the flavor profile, it seems like Ruffles Korean-Style Sweet & Spicy Chili chips will be reminiscent of Korean fried chicken and its gochujang-sugar sauce.

Truthfully, we’re hoping the sweet-and-spicy chips will taste like the Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos (aka the purple bag) because those are “legitimately the best Doritos flavor in the history of Doritos flavors,” according to a reviewer on the Doritos site.

The Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos are the ideal mix of savory and spicy without overpowering the corn chip. They also have that hint of sweetness we “swicy” lovers enjoy so much.

So adding that seasoning mix to the ridged potato chip—where the flavoring will lodge into each crevasse—sounds like the perfect snack. And, look, the Ruffles bag has a hint of that Doritos purple, so the idea can't be too far out there, right?

Ruffles new chips will be available for a limited time this summer, so if they’re about to become “legitimately the best” Ruffles chip in Ruffles history, you better grab them before it’s too late.

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