Ruby Tandoh calls wellness bloggers 'dangerous', hits out at fellow foodie Ella Mills

GBBO star Ruby Tandoh has taken a public swipe at Deliciously Ella
GBBO star Ruby Tandoh has taken a public swipe at Deliciously Ella [Photo: Rex]

Whether you love or hate the ‘wellness’ blogging trend, there’s no escaping it, especially ‘clean eating’ diets.

Clean eating, for example, often entails eating vegan, gluten free and cutting out anything processed. Which, if you lead a busy life – or enjoy a majority of foods – is no easy feat.

So Ruby Tandoh, The Great British Bake Off finalist, has recently criticised such trends, calling it a “craze”, and those that make money from it “dangerous as f***”.

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According to Mail Online, she said at the Andre Simon awards at the Goring Hotel in London: “I don’t understand the wellness craze.

“It should just be about the food, not a fashion.”

She also appeared to have specific opinions regarding wellness blogger Ella Mills, who pens the blog Deliciously Ella.

Tandoh – who’s also previously warned that the goals of such diets are easier to reach for those with wealth and security – said that those who make money from such diets are “dangerous”:

“You don’t get to rebrand yourself as a woman of the people when you are an heiress of incomparable wealth.

“Wellness people with cook books to sell and money to make are dangerous as f***.”

Earlier this month, Tandoh had similar criticism for Deliciously Ella on Twitter, arguing that “you can’t say you encourage all kinds of eating when you falsely claim that gluten, meat, dairy, eggs, sugar are all harmful, to be avoided”.

Whether you agree with her specific criticism about Ella or not, she does have a point about ‘wellness’ blogging.

For one, imposing strict rules on one’s diet takes time and effort, which not all of us have. And eating only fresh vegetables or speciality foods? Well, not all of us can afford to shop at Whole Foods.

And if the wellness trend is as Tandoh says, about “fashion” more than food, it would be terrible for food to become more about controlling our diets to feel we’re doing the ‘right thing’ instead of just eating what’s tasty.

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