'RuPaul's Drag Race' star Vinegar Strokes reveals the steps it takes to become a drag queen

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As a major West End star and drag queen, Vinegar Strokes has plenty of tips to share on how to become a star on the scene.

“Vinegar Strokes is a gorgeous, glamorous sex, crazy clown,” she says about herself.

“It's not always about being pretty. It's about having something that stands out, which is true to the character you're trying to create.”

First up, you need to find your character, but Strokes says you need to remember you’re creating a real person and perhaps incorporate quirky, strange or interesting aspects of your life into your queen’s character..

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Strokes, for example, took inspiration from her mum, who was a dinner lady at the time.

“I thought it was quite camp and quite fun,” she says.

“Vinegar had a very simple backstory, but she has dreams of being this very famous, very important star.

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“She was also kind of naughty, so she enjoyed lots of naughty things, lots of naughty men! And what else? Oh, she's been to prison, clearly because I'm really into like bad women!”

If you need more inspiration for your character, Strokes suggests looking to your idols – for her this is as diverse as Bette Middler to Mickey Flanagan, and also includes cult movies such as Death Becomes Her.

“You can literally take a little bit of this person who you like, and a little bit that person that you like and create this massive drag queen casserole,” she recommends.

Vinegar Strokes cites Bette Middler as one of her drag influencers (image: Getty Images)
Vinegar Strokes cites Bette Middler as one of her drag influencers (image: Getty Images)

Once you’ve created your drag alter ego, it’s time to work out what you’ll do. As Strokes says, you can do whatever you like, but you need to make it your own.

She says: “You can do whatever you want. Once you've chosen the thing you want to do, try and make it unique.”

While Strokes says that drag is a “personal journey”, she believes that without an audience, you can’t ever truly be a drag queen.

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“Get that hell out!” she exclaims. “You can't be a bedroom queen - show the world what you got.”

She continues: “If you want to be a clown, an old lady, a messy queen, a weird creature - or maybe you just want to look really natural, really gorgeous - go for it! And keep evolving it and just make sure that you're not being s***!

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