Duchess of laughter! Prince William and the Queen share smiley photos of Camilla to mark her birthday

Known for her dry wit and love of laughter, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, turns 73 on Friday.

To mark her day, the Royal Family has been sharing birthday messages on social media, showing her all smiles and giggles at public engagements.

Prince William and Kate shared a photograph from one of their last public engagements before the lockdown, as the couple joined forces with Prince Charles and Camilla for a rare visit.

The four had last carried out a joint engagement some 10 years before.

The photo shows Kate, William and Camilla sharing a joke with Charles, as they visited the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre in Loughborough in February.

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The four rarely work together without other members of the family, and the visit was seen as a potential new ‘fab four’ after the departure of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Camilla and Kate carried out their first joint engagement during lockdown, thrilling royal fans as the two future queens worked together.

On Friday morning, the Royal Family account shared an image of Camilla with the Queen, who appeared to be sharing a joke together.

Despite knowing Charles for decades, Camilla is understood to only have met the Queen in 2000, at the birthday party of the exiled Greek King Constantine.

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In the subsequent years, Camilla has carved out her role in the Royal Family and attended hundreds of engagements, many of those alongside the Queen.

The women are frequently seen laughing and chatting together, and Camilla has also ridden with Her Majesty in various carriage processions.

Clarence House shared a new photo of the duchess late on Thursday evening, taken in the garden of the London home of the duke and duchess, earlier this week.

And as a bonus to say thank you for the well wishes, they shared another image of her on Friday morning.

The full length shot of her next to a water fountain is likely to have been taken the same day, as she is wearing the same Anna Valentine dress.

Anna Valentine was formerly known as Robinson Valentine, and is the fashion house behind her wedding outfits to the Prince of Wales.

Though Camilla uses the title of the Duchess of Cornwall, she is entitled to use Princess of Wales. When she married Charles in 2005, Clarence House said she would use the title Princess Consort when Charles accedes and becomes King.

Technically the wife of any king is the Queen Consort, but she may decide not to use the title because of associations with the late Princess Diana.