Ron Howard open to Backdraft adaptation

Ron Howard is open to a Backdraft series credit:Bang Showbiz
Ron Howard is open to a Backdraft series credit:Bang Showbiz

Ron Howard would love to see 'Backdraft' get adapted for television.

The 68-year-old filmmaker has seen a number of his movies get the small screen treatment, including 1989's 'Parenthood' and 'Willow', and he would be open to seeing more of his films brought to TV.

He told Entertainment Weekly: "'Backdraft' would be fun. You could get the scope and the intensity that we had to do all in-camera — now we could do it efficiently and safely."

The 1991 film stars Kurt Russell and William Baldwin as feuding firefighter siblings forced to work together to deal with a dangerous arsonist.

Howard noted that "there's something about a family of firefighters" as he pointed to TV's history of "shows around firehouses", while he admitted 'Backdraft' is "a great world".

He also took the chance to reflect on some of the riskier fire sequences in the movie, and he acknowledged they could be done in a "safer" way if he did adapt the movie for TV or streaming.

He said: "We were kind of on the borderline there when you throw the safety question into what we were doing.

"I was so relieved when we wrapped. But now I believe we could tackle it and be just as ambitious visually and be a little safer."

However, he was keen to point out that despite discussing the idea with producer Brian Grazer - with whom he runs Imagine Entertainment - there is no actual movement.

He explained: "WE're not actively working on it. Although Brian Grazer talks about it from time to time, so maybe one of these days."