'Roliganbussen' Football Camper Bus Ahead Of England Game

'Roliganbussen' Football Camper Bus Ahead Of England Game. England fans heading to Frankfurt for the team’s game against Denmark may run into one of EURO 2024’s most dedicated and fun-loving groups of fans five Danes who are travelling around Germany in their “Roliganbussen”. A Volvo B10M bus was transformed by Lasse Rungholm, Jan Leth, Kim Barløse, Lars Graugaard, and Erik Bro into the perfect transport for any football lover. Decorated in Denmark’s colours and possessing a bar - complete with draught Danish beer - and a giant TV the ‘Roliganbussen’ is designed to embody the ‘Roligan’ spirit of the country’s fans. ‘Roligan’ culture sprang up as a reaction to the hooliganism that was often widespread in Europe from the 1980s to the 2000s - with England matches often attracting trouble. Instead, Danish fans have long embraced the ‘Roligan’ spirit that football fandom should be about having as much peaceful and cheerful fun as possible. The Danish fans have already been enjoying the company of their English counterparts. “For this stage we are meeting a lot of English people who are very nice and want to drink beer,” Jan said. “They are using a lot of time to shout about the Scots - we have figured out. But in a friendly way.” The bus has even gained recognition from the Danish team itself, with players signing it - and past legend John Jensen even chowing down on burgers onboard. The pals now hope the Roliganbussen will take on an even more epic trip in 2026 - as the group is planning to take the bus across the Atlantic if Denmark make the World Cup.