Rochelle Humes, 33, shares unedited bikini pic after posing naked for WH

rochelle humes diet exercise
Rochelle Humes looks strong AF in a bikini

Rochelle Humes, a mum of three, a singer and a presenter, recently enjoyed a trip to Dubai with her husband Marvin, and the star took to IG with a series of 'lift' snaps to document it. One of which was a photo of herself wearing a green bikini, and she’s looking stronger than ever.

She captioned it: 'What the lift saw..'

Naturally, her fans and followers took to the comments section to compliment her. Judi Love, Loose Women presenter, wrote: ‘Stoppppp disssss!! In fact done stop!! All I see is hotness 😍,' while former Women's Health cover star AJ Odudu added, 'You need to stop with this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.'

Roch previously fronted our Naked Issue back in 2019, baring all on the cover of our magazine, but she hasn’t always been so confident. Speaking of the time she turned down our offer to be our naked cover star five years prior, she said: ‘I would have been worried about what people might think, like what are my motives for doing it? But I don’t really care about what people think any more.’ Love that for her.

rochelle humes
rochelle humes

Now, she trains with PT Peter MacIver, a.k.a. PMAC.

PMAC recently shared a video of Rochelle crushing ab rolls and overhead reverse lunges.

‘Make the workout make sense,’ he wrote.

Back in May last year, he shared another clip of Roch doing overhead squats and lateral lunges with bicep curls over a box. She finished off with more ab rolls – PMAC’s favourite ever tummy exercise, he recently told us.

Rochelle also incorporates Pilates into her workout routine. She follows Bryony Deery’s virtual platform most mornings, dubbing it her ‘ritual’.

rochelle humes
rochelle humes

Excuse us while we sign up.

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