Robert Pattinson loves working with Dior

Robert Pattinson has worked with Dior for a decade credit:Bang Showbiz
Robert Pattinson has worked with Dior for a decade credit:Bang Showbiz

Robert Pattinson says being a Dior fragrance ambassador has been "one of the most enjoyable" experiences of his life.

The 'Batman' actor has been one of the faces of the brand for a decade and he loves the working relationship he has built up with the people working at the company.

He said: "I’m not even just saying it to be nice. It’s been one of the most enjoyable work, and personal, experiences that I’ve ever had in my life."

But the 36-year-old actor - who is in a relationship with model Suki Waterhouse - admitted he isn't good at identifying his favourite scents, when it comes to fragrance, but the smell he loves most is one that's very personal.

He told ES magazine: "I mean, it’s kind of cheesy — if you’re in love with someone, their smell becomes very particular to you… so yeah, something like "girlfriend in a dressing gown'."

The 'Lighthouse' actor thought working with Dior on his most recent Dior Homme fragrance ad had finally helped him get over his fear of dancing in public - only to find what he did on camera didn't make him as relaxed as he'd expected in a real life scenario.

He said: "I thought I’d broken my curse when I did that scene.

"But then I went to a party a few weeks later — thinking I’m like Billy Elliot and as soon as I took one step on to the dance floor had one of the biggest panic attacks of my life.

"You know when you think you’re that guy and then suddenly, you’re just brutally humbled. Yeah, it felt like my dad had just caught me joy riding a car.

"I went cold; I think I left the party after that."