Robbie Williams reunites with Take That bandmate Mark Owen in sweet video

robbie williams
Take That's Robbie Williams and Mark Owen reuniteGetty Images

Take That bandmates Robbie Williams and Mark Owen have reunited, with the pair sharing a sweet video.

The duo, who were in the band alongside Gary Barlow, Jason Orange and Howard Donald, were videoed by Robbie’s wife, Ayda, as they met for dinner.

As they were tucking into some pizza, the pair sat in high chairs, referencing the fact they were the two "babies" of the band.

"I enjoy both of you guys in the baby chairs, I think it’s a good look," said Ayda, who posted the short video on her Instagram account. "Well, there’s nowhere else for us to sit – and we were also the babies of the band," joked Robbie.

The video prompted fans to react, with several having their hearts warmed by the reunion.

southwold, england july 24 mark owen performs during day four of latitude festival 2022 at henham park on july 24, 2022 in southwold, england photo by dave j hogangetty images
Dave J Hogan - Getty Images

After experiencing wide success in the 1990s, Robbie left the band in 1995, with the band splitting the following year. They continued as a quartet upon their return in 2005, with Robbie rejoining the band in 2010; he and Jason subsequently left the band in 2014, leaving Gary, Mark and Howard as the remaining members.

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