Robbie Williams could wear wig on tour to combat thinning hair

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Robbie Williams could perform in a wig credit:Bang Showbiz
Robbie Williams could perform in a wig credit:Bang Showbiz

Robbie Williams says he could wear a wig on tour to battle his hair loss.

The 48-year-old singer has been open about his woes after a hair transplant and follicle growth injections didn't help him with his thinning thatch, and so he is considering other options.

Speaking on Australian radio - as quoted by The Sun newspaper - he said: "There are these great wigs that you can get now.

"You have to shave all your hair off and then you have it placed on with glue and it sticks on for a couple of weeks.

"I might actually do it just for touring."

The 'Angels' hitmaker had a hair transplant in 2013, before a second one was ruled out two years ago.

Now, he revealed: "My hair is sort of mullet-y now. When I'm on stage and I'm giving it the big-gun, I'm looking at them like I still think I'm 27.

"And then I turn behind me and see a 40 foot version of me with three necks and there's a light shining on the top of my head that makes it look like a baby's a***. I start to get slightly neurotic."

Robbie's proposed hair transplant in 2020 was scrapped because his hair is too thin for it to work out.

He previously said: "I am losing my hair. When a light shines on top of it, it becomes like a baby's bum.

"I went to go and have a thatch, but the guys goes, 'Bad news, your hair is so thin we cannot harvest it from there. It will do nothing.' "

The former Take That star is gutted after forking out for "two vials" to help his hair grow back, but "nothing has happened".

He added: "So I had these injections. They were an absolute fortune, two vials of this stuff. It cost the same price as my grandma's house.

"And they put these vials in and said in five months, your hair will grow back much thicker. Nothing has happened.

"We are now seven months in and nothing has happened. You cannot tell."