Robbie Williams and wife Ayda Field 'hardly ever have sex', preferring to cuddle instead

Robbie Williams and Ayda Field on the red carpet, they have opened up about their sex life. (Getty Images)
Robbie Williams and Ayda Field have spoken honestly about their sex life. (Getty Images)

Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda Field have revealed some intimate details about their private life confessing they hardly have sex, preferring to "cuddle" instead.

The couple, who have four children together and have been married since 2010, say they're "on the same page" when it comes to having sex and are content in the bedroom.

“No sex in a marriage is only a problem if you’re on different pages; if one person wants it, and the other doesn’t; if you have different expectations or requirements," Williams' says in a joint interview with his wife for The Sun.

“But really, everyone knows there is no sex after marriage. That’s just the way it is."

Williams, 49, attributed his lack of libido to coming off testosterone, which he says he was taking to treat depression.

"I was on testosterone for a while but, because I’m an addict, that had to stop. I got these massive square shoulders and started to look like a doorman. It wasn’t a good look," Williams says.

“But the sex we had when I was on testosterone was incredible; it was all the time. We were insatiable. It goes to show how into each other we really are, though, because when I was on it, we couldn’t take our hands off each other."

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Robbie Williams and Ayda Field, pictured in 2022, have admitted they don't have sex very often. (Getty Images)
The couple have admitted they don't have sex very often. (Getty Images)

While he says he sometimes misses that sexy time in their relationship, like many married couples, him and his wife are happy with their lot.

“Sometimes now, though, Ayda will turn to me on the sofa and say, ‘We should do sex’, and I’m sitting there eating a tangerine and just sort of shrug. So, ya know, sometimes we try.”

Field, 43, who married the former Take That star in 2010, agreed: "Intimacy is the important, meaningful side of love. We're happy."

It isn't the first time the actor has shared details of her sex life, having described it as "completely dead" last year.

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The mum-of-four explained that since the arrival of their children, Teddy, 10, Charlie, eight, Coco, four, and three-year-old Beau, their bedroom has become nothing more than a "communal workspace and sleeping area".

Speaking on her podcast, Postcards from the Edge, Field explained: "When there was romance, when that happens, yes, there would be a communal sleeping place just out of physical need. But now that that's completely dead. It's been obliterated by four kids.

"There is really no need to go to bed at the same time. It's just a joint work space now.

"I might as well make the bed like a ping pong table and we could just play every now and then. And then stray off into other corners to sleep.

"I think that's what it is – it's a WeWork space."

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Robbie Williams and Ayda Field pictured together, the couple have been married since 2010. (Getty Images)
Robbie Williams and Ayda Field have been married since 2010. (Getty Images)

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Williams and Field aren't the only celebrity couple to talk candidly about their bedroom activity.

Earlier this year Abbey Clancy discussed her sex life with husband Peter Crouch, revealing she is a "freak in [the] bed".

The model, 37, who walked down the aisle with the former professional footballer, 41, in 2011 was speaking on the couple's podcast The Therapy Crouch.

"Lady on the street, freak in bed," Clancy said of the couple's bedroom activities.

Referring to the song, Nasty Girl, her husband then joked: "Ludacris said it well. 'Clean in the work place, dirty in the sheets'."