Rob Lowe's famous son will leave you doing a double take in new at-home selfie

If you’ve seen Unstable, you’re already familiar with Rob Lowe's actor son John Owen Lowe, who co-stars with dad in the Netflix series. And while John’s forging his own way ahead in Hollywood, we have to admit he looks so much like his famous father in his latest selfie that he had us doing a double take!

In the snap John shared with his 218k followers on his Instagram stories, the 28-year-old actor is splayed out on a couch wearing a gray sweater over a polo shirt, with bed-head hair and piercing blue eyes just like his 9-1-1: Lone Star actor dad Rob.

Netflix comedy Unstable is loosely based on Rob and John’s father-son dynamic, and we’re not the first ones to notice the resemblance the two!

rob lowe son
rob lowe son

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When Rob shared a hilarious pic of himself with John wearing clay face masks last year, fans flooded the comments amazed at how much they looked alike.

Rob Lowe's son John Owen Lowe Instagram selfie
Rob Lowe's son John Owen Lowe Instagram selfie

"He's mini you. He's also hilarious,” and "WOW, how much he looks like you in this picture. Incredible," were just two of the remarks made by fans.

And John, whose mom is Rob's wife of over thirty years, Sheryl Berkoff, apparently also has another doppelganger!

Rob Lowe and John Owen Lowe in Unstable
Rob Lowe and John Owen Lowe in Unstable

Fans have been mixing him up with Queen Charlotte star Sam Clemmett, who plays Young Brimsley on the Netflix show.

While John and the British actor do share Netflix in common, the young Lowe took to Instagram to clarify that he’s NOT the “boyishly handsome” one starring on the Bridgerton spin-off.

Alongside a split-screen shot of himself and Sam, John wrote: “Contrary to some online belief, I am not in the new #bridgerton ... This dude seems to be doing the boyishly handsome thing well, though. Props.”

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“I admit I looked up IMDB to check!!” admitted one follower, while another responded: “Thank you for clarifying bc I watched the entire series and still wasn’t sure.”

One fan cleverly quipped that it could be John’s next career move: “You would be great In Bridgerton to be honest.” Not a bad suggestion!