Riley Keough was too 'petite' for Daisy Jones wig

Riley Keough stars in Daisy Jones and the Six credit:Bang Showbiz
Riley Keough stars in Daisy Jones and the Six credit:Bang Showbiz

Riley Keough was too "petite and soft" for a wig in 'Daisy Jones and The Six'.

The 33-year-old actress portrays the titular rocker in the new TV series and the programme's hair and make-up departments took inspiration from Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks in coming up with her look.

Hair department head, MaryAnn Hennings explained she rejected the idea of a hairpiece for the lead, but did cut in a straight fringe.

Noting Riley has an "insane amount of hair", she added: "[Riley] is so petite and soft that the wig just didn't work."

Make-up department head Rebecca Wachtel also sought inspiration form Stevie, as well as actress Ursula 'Uschi' Obermaier.

She told PopSugar: "I liked how [Obermaier's] skin tone and the kind of deconstructed make-up looked."

Meanwhile, Suki Waterhouse had some extensions added after the glam team sought inspiration from Debbie Harry and Brigitte Bardot for their vision for her edgy keyboardist character Karen Sirko.

MaryAnn said: "[Sirko] is a little more early punk mixed with rock and roll. She's created her own thing."

Nabiyah Be wore wigs to play Simone Jackson with her Afro getting bigger and bigger as she grew more successful in the disco world.

The hairstylist said: "Diana Ross was my inspiration. When you think disco, it is Diana Ross."

As the series escalates, so too does Daisy's partying and substance abuse, and MaryAnn was constantly thinking about what state Riley's rocker would be in and how that would be reflected in her grooming.

She said: "I always tried being ahead of her character, like if this were me what would I do if I woke up in the morning. I'm hungover, I did too many drugs last night, what would I do with my hair? Would I do anything?"

And Rebecca changed Riley's skin tone to reflect her character's descent into addiction, with her bright and helthy look gradually getting more washed out, while her make-up looks grew more extreme the worse she feels.

Reflecting on one performance scene seen in the show's trailer, in which Daisy's eyes are covered in blue eyeshadow and her red lipstick is smeared, Rebecca said: "She looks a little crazy because she's supposed to look a little crazy. She's becoming unhinged."