Richard Osman shares exciting update on Thursday Murder Club

Richard Osman has teased a new Netflix series for the Thursday Murder Club and also his new book title.

Credit: This Morning / ITV / ITVX

Video transcript

- So you've got the film, and then it's hugely popular. You've got a series on the way as well. You're in talks to do an actual series.

RICHARD OSMAN: Of "We Solve Murders," yes. And Netflix have bought the rights to "We Solve Murders," which is great. So yeah, I mean, listen, it could be a busy few years, unless everyone reads "We Solve Murders" and says, that's just not for us, in which case, they'll go quiet. But I think anyone who likes "Thursday Murder Club" will like it. Yeah, it's--

- So-- yeah.

RICHARD OSMAN: A lot of it is the same. It's like British humor. There's a few tears. As you know--

- It's familiar.

RICHARD OSMAN: --murders.