Richard Osman announces new thriller book series

richard osman, this morning
Richard Osman announces new thriller book seriesKen McKay/ITV/Shutterstock

Richard Osman has announced that he's written a new thriller book series.

We Solve Murders follows a father-in-law and daughter-in-law detective duo who discover a dead body and a bag of money while working on a remote island.

Following the success of his Thursday Murder Club series, which centred around a group of pensioners who band together to solve crimes, Osman's latest book venture will be released on September 12. You can pre-order it now.

Waterstones posted a video of the Pointless star announcing the news on X — formerly Twitter.

"I have a brand new book coming out this year. It is not a Thursday Murder Club book, it is a brand new one and it is called We Solve Murders," he said.

"Dead bodies, bags of money, killers on the loose and brand new detective duo is born. Father-in-law Steve Wheeler and daughter-in-law Amy Wheeler go on a breakneck race around the world to try and stay one step ahead of a deadly enemy.

"Here's the checklist: Are there murders? Yes, there are. Will you laugh? Yes, you will. Will you love the characters? Yes, you will. Might you cry? Yes, you might."

Osman appeared on This Morning earlier this week (20 February), where he confirmed that the new series had already been snapped up for a Netflix adaptation before publication.

"Netflix have bought the rights to We Solve Murders, which is great. So it could be a busy few years," he said. "Unless everyone reads We Solve Murders and says, 'This is not for us'. In which case they'll go quiet.

"But I think anyone who likes Thursday Murder Club will like it. A lot of it is the same. It's British humour, there's a few tears, it's solving murders."

We Solve Murders will be released on September 12. The Thursday Murder Club series is available to buy on Amazon.

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