Richard Hammond says wife saved his life by screaming in his ear during coma

In a new video on TikTok, former Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond has shared how close he came to death in 2006 following a horror car crash that put him in a coma.

He says his wife Mindy 'roared and screamed' at him in the hospital bed, and he believes that's what brought him back from the brink.

Credit: @drivetrb Via TikTok

Video transcript

RICHARD HAMMOND: Mindy told me her side of the story. Because at the same time I was having that dream, she'd been called into intensive care and told, Mrs. Hammond, I'm really sorry, things aren't looking good, all his vitals. They were monitoring everything. I was on full life support and breathing apparatus and the lot. And she was told, it's not looking good. We think we're going to lose him.

And she said, is there anything I can do? And they said, well, no, not really. She said, can I shout at him? And they said, yeah, whatever. And she asked, no, I mean, really, really shout at him.

And she did. And apparently, she roared and screamed and swore at me, don't you dare die. And that's when I turned back from this tree in my dream and that's when I woke.