Richard Branson’s Necker Island has officially reopened – Here’s your first look

The view from the Great House (Virgin Limited Edition)
The view from the Great House. (Virgin Limited Edition)

Necker Island, Richard Branson’s ultra-luxe 30-hectare oasis in the British Virgin Islands, has officially reopened after two years of repairs.

While travel may seem like a distant dream at this point (although staycations look like they will be on the cards this summer), Necker Island is back open and ready to welcome guests after a lengthy hiatus.

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Hurricane Irma devastated the island in 2017 and the pandemic allowed time for Necker, which counts Barack Obama among its fans, to be rebuilt.

Among the new additions is the Bali Hi complex, which boasts private pools in each of the Bali villas.

Leha-lo (Virgin Limited Edition)
Leha-lo one of the Great House rooms on Necker Island. (Virgin Limited Edition)

The Great House, the sleek lodge that sits on the highest part of the island offering the best views of Necker and the azure waters that surround it, has received two new additional rooms as well.

Branson’s island has also seen some environmentally-led changes too. There’s now 1,200 solar panels and three wind turbines, which means the island can run on 90% renewable energy.

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The island can host just 22 guests – and it’s typically booked out on an exclusive-use basis.

However, us mere mortals can try and squeeze in during one of the island’s ‘celebration weeks’ when there’s the chance to book individual rooms or multiple rooms if you’re planning to travel as a group.

Mater Suite (Virgin Limited Edition)
A stay in the Master Suite is a cool $56,000 (£40,916) for seven nights. (Virgin Limited Edition)

There are seven celebration weeks planned for 2021, running from July through to November.

For those who want to visit, a seven-night stay will set you back $36,050 (£26,340) for a stay in the Great House rooms, Leha Lo, Bali Lo, Bali Buah, Bali Kukila and Temple Sunrise.

Bali-Lo (Virgin Limited Edition)
A stay at Bali-Lo will set you back $36,050 (£26,340). (Virgin Limited Edition)

If you want to stay in one of the Bali Hi, Bali Cliff, Bali Beach and Temple Master rooms, this is $46,900 (£34,267) for the week, while a stay in the Master Suite is a cool $56,000 (£40,916) for seven nights.

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