This Restaurant Chain’s Texas-Sized Family Meal Can Feed a Family of 4 for Just $40, with Leftovers to Spare

It comes with a dozen dinner rolls with sweet cinnamon butter, grilled chicken breasts, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, plus a 'party tray size' salad.

Texas Roadhouse, the Louisville-based chain restaurant known for its steaks, fall-off-the-bone racks of ribs, and fresh rolls served with a generous amount of cinnamon butter, has also become the go-to for anyone looking for a solid deal on a family-sized meal.

It seems like every few months, someone on TikTok discovers Texas Roadhouse’s Family Meal Deals and goes viral after sharing the massive amount of food they’ve just scored for approximately $40 (although the actual price may vary based on location).

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Last April, TikToker @foundurmatcha posted a video of her Texas-sized haul, which included four grilled chicken breasts, a “party tray size” of house salad, a dozen freshly baked rolls, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, and that signature sweet butter. “All of this was only $40 dollars,” she said. “Forty bucks!”

And earlier this year, another Tiktoker posted about her own takeout order, which she ordered because she “doesn’t cook on Wednesdays.” When @autumnhitthejackpot went to Texas Roadhouse, she got the chain’s “Chicken Critter” meal, which is its version of chicken tenders. “Look at how many chicken critters this is,” she said, tilting a foil pan filled with breaded chicken towards the camera. “And they gave us five cups of ranch and four cups of honey mustard [dipping sauces.]”

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She said that her family meal had a base price of $45, and that “there’s tax and tip on top of it,” which brought the total to $55.

The gargantuan-sized meals appear to be for pick-up orders only and cannot be ordered in the restaurant and, again, the availability and price-point can vary from location to location. At the Texas Roadhouse in my own southern American city, the meals are listed under the “Legendary Features” section of the menu, and range in price from $34.99 for the Family Value Chicken Critters Meal — which comes with 20 “critters” — to $59.99 for a Family Value Ribeyes Meal that includes three 12-ounce ribeye steaks.

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The other meals available include Family Value Beef Tips ($44.99 for two pounds of steak); Family Value Pork Chops ($29.99 for four 7-ounce chops); Family Value Ribs ($44.99 for three half-slabs); and Family Value Sirloins ($47.99 for two 8-ounce steaks and two 6-ounce steaks). Three other Family Value meals — including seafood, cheeseburgers, and pulled pork — are currently listed as “unavailable” at this location but they are on the menu at other Texas Roadhouses throughout the state.

As the TikTokers mentioned, each family-sized meal also comes with a choice of a House or Caesar salad, four individual side dishes, and a whole lot of fresh rolls. You can also add a side order of shrimp or ribs for an additional fee.

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Whether you have a hungry family to feed, just don’t feel like cooking your own dinner, or want Texas Roadhouse to help you meal-prep for the workweek, these family meals seem like quite a value.

Plus, it’s fun to say “chicken critters” out loud.

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