How to reset your gut after Easter overindulgence

Does your gut need a reset post Easter celebrations? (Getty Images)
Does your gut need a reset post Easter celebrations? (Getty Images)

The Easter weekend is behind us and after four days of overindulgence we're left with a bin full of empty egg wrapping, a bloated stomach and a lot of regret.

Thankfully if you feel like you've overdone it on the chocolate and other Easter celebrations, there are some ways to reset your gut to get back on a healthier track.

From upping the H20 to getting outside in the fresh air here's some expert-backed tips to counter the effects of four days of fun.

The impacts of Easter indulgence on the gut

Hands up who spent the bank holiday eating and drinking all the Easter treats? You're not alone. But all the family fun has likely left you feeling a little uncomfortable on the gut front.

Dr Alasdair Scott, gut doctor at Selph says the impacts of overdoing it on the chocolate and cocktails can leave us feeling bloated, nauseous, like we never want to see another Easter egg again!

“The stress of hosting or being hosted by your in-laws, leads to cortisol release which has a direct effect on your gut-brain axis which can contribute to IBS-like symptoms - stomach pain, bloating and maybe diarrhoea," he explains.

"A few too many Proseccos can make these symptoms worse by causing dehydration and harming your sleep quality."

Add in some high fat, high sugar (maybe ultra-processed) foods and you’re giving your gut a challenge it’s not had to cope with since Christmas.

"To top it all off, your exercise routine has probably gone out of the window so your gut isn’t getting the usual physical stimulus, which helps get things moving," Dr Scott adds.

Fortunately it is possible to get your gut back on track by de-stressing, exercising, hydrating, sleeping well and supporting your gut microbiome with some high-fibre foods.

Getting more sleep is important for gut health post-Easter. (Getty Images)
Getting more sleep is important for gut health post-Easter. (Getty Images)

How to reset your gut post-Easter celebrations

Get outside

If you’re feeling a little guilty after an indulgent Easter weekend, easing yourself back into an exercise routine with a brisk walk will really help to clear your mind and focus on the week ahead.

"Whilst all exercise has huge mental health benefits, being kind to your body with a gentle walk can be a good idea, before attempting anything too intense," Dr Scott advises. "This will also help to jumpstart your metabolism and burn off some energy after the weekend."

Focus on sleep

Getting a good night's sleep after an indulgent weekend is a good way to lessen any cravings for high fat and sugar foods (we're looking at you chocolate!).

"Sleep deprivation can affect levels of ghrelin and leptin, two important hormones involved in hunger and appetite regulation," Dr Scott explains.

After a period of indulgence, he recommends trying to go to bed a little earlier than usual to ensure you fit in a full night of sleep and feel fresh for the next day.

Stay hydrated

After an episode of indulgent eating, it’s especially important to stay hydrated to help control your appetite.

"Make sure you always have a glass or bottle to hand, and keep sipping throughout the day," Dr Scott recommends. "Making a conscious effort to increase your water intake can help to increase your metabolism, which in turn increases your resting energy expenditure."

Getting out for a gentle walk can help reset your gut. (Getty Images)
Getting out for a gentle walk can help reset your gut. (Getty Images)

Fill up on high-fibre foods

About 90% Easter egg right now? Replenish your body with foods that are rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

"Vegetables such as carrots, broccoli and beetroot are all high in fibre, which helps to promote feelings of fullness by moving slowly through the gastrointestinal tract," Dr Scott explains.

A good general rule of thumb to follow, according to Dr Scott, is to fill at least half of your plate with vegetables for each meal.

"Try snacking on vegetables throughout the day too, to reduce those chocolate cravings that may be lingering after the Easter weekend. Carrot sticks with hummus and roasted chickpeas are good afternoon nibbles to have at your desk."

Leafy green vegetables are an important source of fibre. (Getty Images)
Experts recommend upping your fibre intake to counter the effects of overindulging. (Getty Images)

Incorporate mindfulness into your routine

As lovely as they are, gatherings with family and friends can leave us feeling drained of energy.

"It’s important to recharge and rest your mind in order to stay focussed for the week ahead," Dr Scott explains. "Try incorporating mindfulness into your week, this can be with short meditation sessions, yoga or even a simple walk outside."

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