Rescue dog is hilariously obsessed with fish, and TikTok can’t get enough

A dog owner’s rescue is obsessed with fish, but it’s OK because he’s a very good boy otherwise.

TikTok user and fly fisher @halieoutdoors can’t say the “F” word around her dog. No, it’s not the expletive you’re thinking of. Her rescue is so obsessed with the aquatic creatures that just saying the word sets him off.

In fact, according to the owner, the poor dog has sprained his tail after fishing more than once from “wagging so hard.”

“Humane Society: Are you sure you want him? He’s weirdly obsessed w fish,” the video text stated.

She shared footage of the many times the dog went “unsuccessfully fishing” in a river. Whenever she held a live fish in her hand, the canine would get excited, and he was completely transfixed by fish swimming in a tank.

“Is that a fish?” she asked, holding a small one in her hand. The dog then whimpered in excitement.

The adorable video racked up 6.4 million views and 1.8 million likes on TikTok.

“He really embodies the idea of ‘it’s called fishing, not catching,'” someone joked.

“He was a marine biologist in a past life,” another wrote.

“I’d like to think that in his last life he was a little old fisherman who lived in a little cabin by the lake,” a user said.

“That is the best fishing partner ever, period,” a person commented.

“Listen if they tell me a dog has a weird obsession with something I will completely support that dog,” a TikToker replied.

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