Repair Shop star Jay Blades arrives at King Charles III's coronation

jay blades
Jay Blades arrives at coronation ceremonyJeff Spicer/BAFTA - Getty Images

Repair Shop star Jay Blades MBE has shared his excitement as he arrives at Westminster Abbey ahead of the coronation of King Charles III today (6 May).

The TV star and furniture restorer shared his gratitude with fans as he takes his place in Westminster Abbey ahead of the coronation ceremony.

This Jay shared a picture on Twitter of his MBE medal pinned to his suit. He wrote: "Good morning all. Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that got me here and where I'm going today.

"I'm forever grateful."

Jay spoke to the BBC's Sophie Raworth as he arrived at Westminster. He told her: "This is amazing, to be here... It's really, really special."

Sophie asked Jay why he'd be invited to the ceremony. He explained: "I am an ambassador for the Prince's Trust Foundation and it's all about heritage crafts – retaining them and making sure we get the next generation to learn them."

jay blades coronation
Jay Blades arrives at the coronation ceremony at Westminster AbbeyJeff Spicer - Getty Images

Jay spoke of how well he got on with King Charles when the latter appeared on the Repair Shop last year. He said: "When you meet someone who has the same interests as you, you're going to get on."

Jay shared his excitement about the congregation chairs in Westminster Abbey, some of which were made by graduates from the Snowdon School of Furniture at Highgrove, which forms part of Charles' work with The Prince's Foundation to ensure traditional skills aren't lost. One hundred of the chairs will be auctioned after the ceremony, and the proceeds donated to charity.

He told Sophie: "It's a real honour to get the invite. This is history, and there might be an opportunity to buy the chair I'm sitting on as well, so I can have it within the family."

Charles has long been passionate about sustainability and traditional crafts, and these interests will be seen throughout the coronation celebrations. Don't miss our full guide to the restored thrones which will be used in the ceremony.

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