A remote Cornish castle is looking for a 'discreet and tactful' new employee

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St Michael's Mount sits off the coast of Cornwall (Getty)
St Michael's Mount sits off the coast of Cornwall (Getty)

If you’re a fan of Cornwall (who isn’t?) and castles, this may be the perfect job opportunity for you.

The team at St Michael's Mount, which sits just off the Cornish coast, is recruiting for a role at the medieval castle that sits atop the island.

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St Michael's Mount is a tidal island in the bay of Marazion and is one of the region's biggest tourist hotspots.

It can be accessed by boat or via a man-made causeway passable between mid and low-tide.

There are around 30 people living on St Michael's Mount, and now the team is looking for a Castle Officer to join them.

The tidal island has long been a hotspot for tourists (SWNS)
The tidal island has long been a hotspot for tourists (SWNS)

The role will include living in the castle, being responsible for practical operations and being available to “assist the St Aubyn family in both the private and public areas of the castle”.

The island is usually visited by around 350,000 people every year, but this number has drastically reduced because of the coronavirus pandemic.

On the application website, the recruiters say: "We are a small team with a wide range of responsibilities. We are looking for someone who is excited to further build on their experience and make the most of all learning opportunities.

"You will be able to demonstrate the highest levels of discretion, be compassionate, with a tactful demeanour, have a strong motivation to be based in West Cornwall and above all, be a strong team player where flexibility is essential."

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The castle dates back to 1135 when construction is said to have begun.

The island takes its name from St Michael who supposedly appeared to a group of fishermen in 495 AD.

The oldest surviving buildings date from the 12th Century, when a Benedictine priory was founded there.

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Castle steward Duncan Murdoch told the BBC: "The best thing about living here is having a sea view from every window.

"The worst thing is not being able to get a pizza delivered to your door."

To apply for the role, visit staubynestates.com/careers

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