Regina King: 'Chadwick Boseman wanted to work with me before his death'

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Regina King has claimed Chadwick Boseman wanted to work with her before his death.

The 43-year-old Black Panther star died in August last year after a private battle with cancer, and Regina confessed she was left so awestruck after meeting Chadwick and being told he wanted to work with her.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Oscar-winning actress said that she believed there was "no such thing as greatness being a certain thing" until her encounter with Chadwick.

"Then I think of people like Chadwick Boseman, and I'm like, 'He's the best of who we are, I mean, as human beings.' It almost feels like that is a whole other level of (greatness) because his heart was just so big and he managed to live so selflessly," Regina shared.

"I remember the last time I saw him and knowing now what he knew then and how he was able to make me feel like the most special person in that moment, that working with me would be at the top of his list," the Watchmen star recalled.

The director said she remembered their conversation when news broke of his death, and she confessed it is a moment that will stay with her forever.

"After we finished talking, he just stopped and held my hand and looked into my eyes, and in that moment, he made me feel so special," Regina continued. "And to have a heart big enough to do that, knowing that I'm probably not going to see him again, is a level of selflessness that I do know."