Reddit parents share their ‘craziest’ first-time-parent moments

Parents discussed the moments they got a little crazy right after having children.

The Reddit user @Upper-Analyst3855 posted the prompt, “What’s your ‘ok I was a little crazy’ moment after becoming a FTM parent?” in the “New Parents” forum.

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People were eager to reply with the things they did to ease their parental anxiety. Who can blame anyone for wanting to make sure their little one is safe — even if it means being a little extra sometimes?

“Mine was sleeping with the bedroom light on for the first 3 months so that I could see her immediately when I woke up to make sure she was still breathing. Seems nuts in hindsight, but felt like I needed to always be watching her. Think the SIDS stuff really messed with me postpartum,” @Upper-Analyst3855 gave in their example.

The discussion showed just how nerve-racking raising a newborn really is.

Tinashe is calling the shots:

“How excited I get for burps and farts and poops and picking out someone else’s boogers,” someone wrote.

“We switched her to the crib but her nursery didn’t have enough room for an air mattress or a bed and I didn’t feel ready to leave her yet, so we slept on the rug in her nursery for like a month,” another replied.

“I didn’t drive for 6 months. I was too anxious driving with my baby in the car. I was content at home and never felt like I was missing out not driving. But still, I’ll admit a bit crazy haha,” a person commented.

“We have a baby cam so I could see his stomach moving up and down but I would still sneak in the room to check that he was breathing. Yes I was crazy but if I have another kid I’ll probably do the same haha,” a user added.

“Not letting him even see a screen. Now I watch a show with him in the room, show him pics and videos on my phone,” a Redditor said.

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