Red wine hot chocolate is all we want to drink this winter


[Photo: Pexels]

There are two truly perfect winter drinks: Red wine and hot chocolate.

And while one tends to be drunk just before bed and the other at the dinner table, one must ask - why can’t we have them both at the same time?

Kylie Held Mitchell, the brains behind the blog Yeah..ImmaEatThat has come to the rescue with a recipe for red wine hot chocolate, and it sounds both unusual and incredible at the same time.

The warmth of hot chocolate with the warmth of alcohol - what’s not to love?

If you want to make it, mix one and a half cups of milk and one third of a cup of dark chocolate chips in a saucepan over a medium heat, and stir it until it becomes a magical hot-chocolate substance.

Next comes the wine - add one cup of red wine and heat until it’s at your perfect temperature.

Finally, Mitchell recommends topping the drink with coconut whipped cream.

If you’re not totally convinced, never fear - Instagrammers from far and wide have been trying out the recipe and are absolutely loving it.

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