Rebel Wilson plans to add plus-sizes to loungewear range following backlash

Rebel Wilson stands in front of a black background and smiles towards the camera. (Getty Images)
Rebel Wilson has suggested she will make her loungewear label more inclusive following backlash. (Getty Images)

Rebel Wilson has announced she will be extending the size range of her new loungewear label after it received backlash on social media for its lack of size inclusivity.

Wilson, 42, launched her new R&R Club label in November, but swiftly saw criticism for the line as it only included straight sizes.

In 2020, Wilson famously embarked on her 'Year of Health' which saw the actor lose 80lbs (36kgs). Formerly plus-size herself, this has left fans confused as to why her new range would only go to a size L/XL (combined) and not beyond.

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“This whole Rebel Wilson situation is deep under my skin,” one Twitter user wrote. “She honestly put out a clothing line that doesn’t include any plus sizes, even combining L and XL. Her entire career was built around her mocking her own plus sized body. The f***ing audacity.”

Content creator Stephanie Yeboah wrote: “Still sniggering at Rebel Wilson creating a clothing line that doesn't cater to plus sizing.

“Absolutely wild scenes, but not surprising. Former fat people can sometimes end up being the worst when it comes to fatphobia and/or exclusion.”

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Wilson responded to the backlash on Tuesday by posting to her Instagram Stories. Text overlaid on photos of herself from the collection read: “In success [sic] we are planning on doing more colours and and sizes for R&R CLUB.”

On another image she added: “We are experimenting with this limited capsule collection of only two pieces in limited sizes. What colours or sizes would you be interested in for sweats for R&R CLUB?"

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The collection currently consists of just two items, a white hoodie for £150, and a matching pair of white joggers for £125. Currently, these are only available in sizes XS, S, M, and L/XL.

The hope is that by reaching out to her followers to ask for size and colour suggestions, new releases from the brand will be more size-inclusive, suitable for a more diverse range of body shapes.

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