Rebecca Minkoff's Go-To Coffee and 7 More New York Fashion Week Essentials the Designer Can't Live Without

Rebecca Minkoff is keeping extra-busy right now by partnering with Rakuten on a chic, exclusive purse that's one of her many must-haves as she navigates New York Fashion Week

<p>Courtesy IMG for Rakuten</p> Rebecca Minkoff

Courtesy IMG for Rakuten

Rebecca Minkoff

New York Fashion Week is one wildest times of the year for designer Rebecca Minkoff. But that doesn’t stop the entrepreneur from thinking outside the box. This season she’s throwing a party to celebrate the launch of her eponymous brand’s fall/holiday collection, and she’s partnering with Rakuten on an exclusive piece.

Following the debut of Minkoff’s collection, members of the shopping destination for cash back and rewards will have early access to members-only presale where they can shop the brand’s specially-made Double Gusset Quilted Cross Body with Chain in Chili Red, and earn cash back in the process.

“We've always prided ourselves on being accessible luxury, accessible being a keyword,” Minkoff says. “You should be able to pay your rent and buy a gorgeous handbag.” The designer loves the shopping destination because “it’s a no-brainer that you [should] get cash back when you shop. So it makes the purchases that my customer makes that much easier [when she] knows some of that money's going back into her pocket.”

Rebecca Minkoff is beloved for both its luxury ready-to-wear fashion and accessories. For this partnership, the designer chose to create a bag because “the customer knows us for [that],
Minkoff says. “In her mind, we're her go-to bag. And I think Rakuten is her go-to for cash back. So I think that's why we picked the bag.”

For the Rebecca Minkoff fall/holiday collection, “we took the iconic brand DNA details—our chain, our studs, our zippers—and exaggerated them,” Minkoff explains. The quilting on this exclusive piece “is an exaggerated version of our chain link quilt.”

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How Rebecca Minkoff Takes on Fashion Week

<p>Rebecca Minkoff</p> Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff

While Minkoff says she likes to “keep things interesting” during NYFW with partnerships like the one with Rakuten, these days she’s making an extra effort to prioritize self-care.

“In my youth it was burning the candle at both ends—not sleeping, eating crappy food. As the brand has matured and as I've gotten older, while I’m still working long hours and there is still an element of stress, it's become about taking care of yourself during this time. That has been an important shift because you just can't burn yourself out like that anymore.”

Ahead, Minkoff shares the fashion week essentials that keep her looking and feeling good.

Cool Crossbody Bag

<p>Courtesy Rebecca Minkoff</p> Rebecca Minkoff x Rakuten Bag

Courtesy Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff x Rakuten Bag

“We're in love with the exclusive bag that we have with Rakuten. Most of our bags are versatile, you can wear them two to three ways. So we picked this double gusset quilted crossbody [for this partnership]. I would say the value we give our customer is equal to a luxury purchase in terms of the quality that we make our bags with. [It’s about] always trying to give her something that's worth far more than what she's paying.”

Buy It! Rebecca Minkoff Double Gusset Quilted Cross Body with Chain in Chili Red,

Coffee (Because Duh)

<p>Courtesy Chamberlain Coffee</p> Chamberlain Coffee

Courtesy Chamberlain Coffee

Chamberlain Coffee

“No need to describe why I need this. I just drink it as fuel. Whether that's good or bad, I don't know, but I need it.”

Buy It! Chamberlain Coffee Careless Cat Half Calf, $16;

Lengthening Mascara

<p>Courtesy Saie</p> Saie Mascara

Courtesy Saie

Saie Mascara

“I need mascara to look awake when I don't have my fake lashes on. Saie is my go-to brand for that.”

Buy It! Saie Mascara 101, $26;

Mineral Sunscreen

<p>Courtesy Dune Suncare</p> Dune Sunscreen

Courtesy Dune Suncare

Dune Sunscreen

“Sunscreen is a hard thing to get me to put on, but I'm trying to be better about it and make it part of my morning ritual. We've used [Dune Suncare cofounder] Mei [Kwok] as our DJ several times. She has this incredible brand with Emily Doyle. I love this product because it’s mineral but I think they've done a really good job of ensuring that it doesn’t leave a white cast on your face.”

Buy It! Dune The Mineral Melt, $29.95;

Tasty Tonic

<p>Courtesy Olipop</p> Olipop

Courtesy Olipop


“Olipop is a drink I enjoy. I'm a big proponent of gut health, and this claims to have support in that arena. It’s a low calorie alternative to sparkling water.”

Buy It! Olipop, $35.99;

Silk Scrunchies

<p>Courtesy SLIP</p> Slip Silk Scrunchies

Courtesy SLIP

Slip Silk Scrunchies

“My hair is not as strong as it once was, especially after childbirth and with the amount of days that I blow it out. I like how smooth this scrunchie is. It’s not damaging to the hair.”

Buy It! Slip Pure Silk 3-Pack Large Scrunchies, $39;

Magnesium Supplement

<p>Courtesy Moon Juice</p> Moon Juice Supplement

Courtesy Moon Juice

Moon Juice Supplement

“I discovered this in L.A. at [founder] Amanda [Chantal Bacon]’s store and then I had the opportunity to interview her for my podcast. Magnesium is great for sleep [as well as] relaxation and helping manage stress. So [drinking this] is an end of day ritual for me, right before I go to bed.” [Consult your doctor before adding a supplement to your routine.]

Buy It! Moon Juice Magnesi-Om, $42;

Go-Everywhere Tote

<p>Courtesy Rebecca Minkoff</p> Rebecca Minkoff Tote

Courtesy Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff Tote

“I live in Brooklyn and our office is in Midtown [Manhattan]. I'm not going back home before I go out at night. This tote holds a change of clothes, pumps and then all the other things I need. I call it my trunk.”

Buy It! Rebecca Minkoff, $328;

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