What Happened On Your Wedding Day That Made You Realize Your Marriage Was A Mistake?

For some people, their wedding day is one of the happiest days of their lives. For others, it's a startling wake-up call that they may have made a huge mistake.

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Perhaps you had a sinking feeling as you were walking down the aisle. You'd been so swept up in wedding prep that you hadn't had a moment to sit and ponder your feelings. As your plans turned into reality, you realized you weren't excited for the future. You felt a sense of impending doom, which is definitely NOT how you're supposed to feel on your wedding day. Call it a premonition or call it intuition, but you were right. Your marriage didn't last a year.

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Maybe you realized it would never work when your mother-in-law showed up to your wedding in a floor-length white dress. You two had always had a somewhat rocky, awkward relationship, but this blatant act of disrespect confirmed for you that she'd never think you were good enough for her baby boy. Sure enough, you and your husband constantly fought over his mom and her lack of respect for your boundaries. He inevitably "chose her" over you, and you split up five years later.

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Or, maybe you noticed how your bride and best man kept staring at each other throughout your wedding ceremony and reception. Even his speech felt like it was more about her than you, and you noticed she kept tearing up. You immediately wondered if you'd made a huge mistake and if your bride was in love with you at all. She had emotional and physical affairs for the next decade before you officially decided to call it quits.

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Did you realize your marriage was doomed while you were in the midst of your wedding day? What happened? Tell us in the comments or submit your story anonymously using this form for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.