Real Housewives of Cheshire star Paige Chohan's baby name meaning as she welcomes daughter Nora

Paige Chohan and her husband Amir has introduced their beautiful newborn girl to the world and revealed her adorable name as Nora, and revealed to fans the meaning behind the moniker.

The 32 year old new mum said: "We’re Muslim so we have to have a Muslim name as part of our faith. We went through lots of different ones that were available, such as Islamic and Arabic ones.

"But the minute we came across Nora, it really stood out to us. From an Arabic perspective, it means “beautiful bright light” – and that’s exactly what Nora is to us."

Paige recently joined the cast of ITV’s Real Housewives Of Cheshire, and her and Amir welcomed the adorable tot on 30 March. Nora was born at 03.03am, weighing just over seven pounds.

Paige introduced Nora to the world
Paige introduced Nora to the world -Credit:Kellie Stamper @gracekelliephotography

Now, as the newborn settles contently into their family abode, the TV star also opened up on her birthing story. Paige explained: "I said from the beginning that I wanted a vaginal birth, and that’s what happened.

"I started having contractions around two days before Nora was born, but the position that she was in also meant she was pushing on my back, causing nerve pain. That was awful – I almost felt paralysed at one point. The pain was intense, so we rushed to the hospital. The doctors wanted to examine the nerve issue first but there was no time, I could feel Nora coming.

Nora was born on March 30
Nora was born on March 30 -Credit:Kellie Stamper @gracekelliephotography

"I had no time for any extra pain relief, so it was just gas and air. I was offered an epidural, which I considered - but I ended up not having one. The minute she was born it was as if my body forgot about the horrendous pain I was in. It was all worth it."

Thankfully her husband Amir - who Paige met when she was just 19 years old - was there to hold her hand throughout the entire process.

Amir supported Paige throughout the birth
Amir supported Paige throughout the birth -Credit:Kellie Stamper @gracekelliephotography

"Amir was amazing, I couldn’t have done it without him. Amir is terrified of hospitals and can’t even get his blood taken but he was so hands-on and by my side throughout everything.

"Now that Nora is here it’s like you see one another in a completely different light. We are soulmates, but this has brought it to a whole other level," the TV personality continued.