Rare Fossa Triplets Born At Chester Zoo

Rare fossa triplets have emerged from their den after being born at Chester Zoo. The 12-week-old pups, who have arrived to parents Shala and Isalo, are only now beginning to venture outside. The triplets are a “huge cause for celebration” as they are the first of their kind to ever be born at the zoo in its 91-year history. A distant relative of the mongoose, the fossa is a slender, cat-like mammal that’s only found in the forests of Madagascar. The rare carnivore is equipped with a long tail that helps it balance when leaping amongst the tree branches and its well as large eyes that help it to see better at night when hunting for prey such as lemurs, wild pigs and mice. The fossa is highly threatened as a result of widespread habitat loss in Madagascar. Scientists report that the island has already lost up to 90% of its forests, which means that many species are now on the very brink of extinction. But the Chester conservationists are delighted they now have an “incredibly important” triple addition to the species who aren’t just vital for biodiversity, but super cute too!