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Rachael Ray 'always chops' on this Boos Block cutting board: It's $45 off at Amazon and arrives by Mother's Day

Rachael Ray isn't the only fan — celebs like Giada De Laurentiis, Ina Garten and even Reese Witherspoon use Boos Block cutting boards on the reg.

Mother's Day is (gulp!) May 12, so chop, chop! And we mean that in the literal sense, because we're pretty sure the Boos Block R-Board Series Reversible Cutting Board is the last-minute Mother's Day gift that'll come to your rescue. This durable workhorse is a longtime favorite of Rachael Ray (whose latest endeavor, Rachael Ray's Meals In Minutes, premiered just last month), and it's a massive upgrade from those cheap, plastic cutting boards that seem to get scuffed up in no time. Gorgeous, sturdy and on sale — yes, that's right! This is one Amazon deal you'll want to scoop up.

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At 20" x 15" (and 1.5 inches thick), you won't have to worry about this beauty slipping and sliding all about!

$125 at Amazon
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$125 at Sur La Table$125 at Lowe's

This is just about the best price we've seen since February — and while it still might seem like a splurge, many reviewers say their Boos Block cutting boards have lasted decades, making it a worthy investment. Just think of how many flimsy plastic boards you've had to toss over the years! (Psst: This maple board is currently the least expensive, and also happens to be the type of wood preferred by both Giada De Laurentiis and Ina Garten!)

Rachael Ray sang the Boos Block's praises in a segment about her four must-have kitchen items on her daytime talk show. "To this day, at Food Network, I always chop on a big Boos Block," she says. "What's great about this is, you don't need to clutter up your kitchen with a bunch of little ingredient bowls. When you chop on too small of a cutting board, you have to pile each ingredient into another bowl so you've got room to chop the next ingredient. What a drag (and a lotta dishes), and it just clutters up the whole countertop. ... Even if you live in the tiniest of apartments, you can also put the cutting board on top of the sink and turn it into countertop space." Sold!

Aside from its looks and durability, this board is also reversible, meaning you can designate one side for meat and the other vegetables, or one for savory ingredients and the other for sweet. Plus, it has indentations on each side that act as handles for easier carrying. You won't want to put this block in the dishwasher, but it's simple to clean by hand with the proper maintenance (more on that below).

Even Reese Witherspoon is a fan of this kitchen essential (we spotted it in one of her Instagram cooking videos); with all of these celeb approvals, it's gotta be doing something right!

Rachael Ray smiling during a filmed appearance, with bowls of food and her cookbook on a table in front of her
If a Boos Block cutting board is enough to make Rachael Ray this happy, just imagine how excited Mom will be to receive it. (John Lamparski/Getty Images)

"Wood" you believe it? Over 3,400 Amazon customers have given the Boos Block — in all three varieties — a perfect rating. (The following reviews are for the maple cutting board.)

"Terrific cutting board," raved one happy home cook. "I have the tiniest kitchen in my apartment, and after watching some organizing videos, I realized I should make my small counter space completely covered by this sturdy cutting board. Why bother storing those dinky bamboo cutting boards when my complete surface is usable for food prep!"

"Finally a cutting board that stays put," wrote another. "Basically a commercial-grade cutting board suitable for your kitchen if you have the room. ... [The] construction is absolutely amazing. ... Looks awesome out of the box, but after washing and oiling I wanted to leave it out all the time."

"Not just for cutting," shared a third buyer, who found a different use. "I needed a nice sturdy, dense base to minimize [the] vibrations [of] my electronics, and this fit the bill perfectly. ... Looks amazing, and I’m sure it will last a very long time."

Several reviewers cautioned that you might get an arm workout with this thing. "I carefully measured my board so it could fit in the sink so I can clean it, however, it's very heavy," wrote an otherwise satisfied shopper. (Psst: Boos Block makes smaller cutting boards!)

"This is a good, solid piece," shared a final user. "However, the finish is rougher than I would expect. Feels like it still needs a final sanding. Would recommend that you have plenty of block oil available." (Keep scrolling for that!)

This next-level cutting board will be like a slice of heaven for the cooking-obsessed mom in your life. 

$125 at Amazon
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$125 at Sur La Table$125 at Lowe's

Boos Blocks do require some upkeep (as do all wooden cutting boards), and this duo makes a thoughtful add-on.

This set includes both an oil and cream for keeping the block hydrated, because letting it dry out could result in the wood splitting. Plus, smoothing out the surface makes for easier cleaning. The brand recommends applying regularly at first, then once per month for maintenance (or more if you notice it drying out). Shiny cutting board = pretty countertop!

"This soaked well into my cutting boards, one new one and a well-used board," reported a user. "I followed the instructions and let the oil soak in overnight, and then used the board cream to finish up, allowing it to dry overnight. The boards have a nice finish now, and repel moisture better than before and clean up much easier."

$26 at Amazon
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$28 at Wayfair

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The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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