Race Across the World stars spill behind-the-scenes secrets - from hotel 'safety' measures to internet access

Race Across the World made a welcome return to TV screens earlier this month, with a new set of contestants ready to take on the once-in-a-lifetime challenge. The new seasons saw 10 competitors tasked with navigating their way through East Asia in pairs, with limited resources, no credit cards and no phones.

The duos have 50 days to travel from Japan to Indonesia with only what they can manage to carry. The winning pair get a cash prize of £20,000.

With the BBC show back on screens, many fans have been wondering about certain details of the race. Luckily, some of the contestants have shared some behind-the-scenes secrets.

Race Across The World
Race Across The World has returned to TV screens -Credit:Studio Lambert Ltd/Pete Dadds

On the Race Across the World Facebook group, contestants Alfie - who competed with his friend Owen - and Viv - who appeared with her husband Stephen - both shared some interesting details about the hit show. They revealed the safety measures that are in place throughout the race, as well as how they are "isolated" from the outside world with no internet access.

When asked if racers can contact home or read the news, Alfie said: "Total isolation - I keep telling people we knew nothing about the Gaza attacks or anything. I managed to catch the football scores on billboards but other than that it’s total silence!"

He also revealed that they stay at hotels at each checkpoint for between 36 to 48 hours for "safety" reasons. He said: "Between 36 and 48 [hours], it does change depending on finishing times to make sure nobody leaves at an utterly ridiculous time - mainly for safety."

Best mates Alfie and Owen are the youngest contestants this year
Best mates Alfie and Owen appeared on the show -Credit:Studio Lambert Ltd/Pete Dadds

The 20 year old admitted he'd love to take part in the race again, despite hating it at times. Alfie added: "Yes I would, although not as resoundingly as you might think as there were some parts where I genuinely have never hated life more [laughing emoji]. Would’ve loved to have done S2 route or travel through Western Africa. Tanzania, Madagascar, Mozambique etc."

Elsewhere, Viv revealed that the show was filmed between September and November, and contestants had to hand over any money they had left from the race. She also explained that everyone's backpacks "are real" and very heavy.

"They are real! Mine weighed 11.5kg and Stephen's 12.5kg. That was as heavy as we could manage!" she responded to a fan.

Husband and wife duo Stephen and Viv complete the line-up
Husband and wife duo Stephen and Viv appear on the TV show -Credit:Studio Lambert Ltd/Pete Dadds

Stephen, 61, and his wife Viv, 65, are the series' eldest contestants, while Alfie and Owen, both 20, are the youngest. They are competing against mum and daughter duo Sharon, 52, and Brydie, 25, as well as siblings Betty, 25, and James, 21, and mum and daughter Eugenie, 61, and 25-year-old Isabel.