Queen Elizabeth once saw the ghost of Elizabeth I in Windsor Castle

Queen Elizabeth on VJ Day in 2015 credit:Bang Showbiz
Queen Elizabeth on VJ Day in 2015 credit:Bang Showbiz

Queen Elizabeth reportedly once saw the ghost of a previous monarch in Windsor Castle.

The 95-year-old royal – who is officially known as Queen Elizabeth II – is said to have spotted the spirit of Elizabeth I when spending time in the castle with her younger sister, Princess Margaret.

Elizabeth and Margaret – who passed away in 2002 – are believed to have seen the ghost of the 16th century monarch in the “library room”, though the exact year they claim to have witnessed the spirit is not known.

Tourism website Visit Britain claims: “The Queen and the late Princess Margaret, who was the Queen’s only sister, saw Elizabeth’s ghost in the library room at Windsor Castle.”

Elizabeth I is also said to haunt Westminster Abbey, where she is buried next to her sister Mary, and ghost hunters believe she is a restless spirit due to her horrific life.

The previous monarch was two years old when her dad, King Henry VIII, ordered the beheading of her mum, and his second wife, Anne Boleyn.

She went on to do time in the Tower of London on suspicion of supporting Protestant rebels during Mary’s reign, and even ended up having to order a beheading of her own – this time of her cousin, Mary, Queen of Scots.

Elizabeth I never married or had any children, and died aged 69 in 1603 during a “severe melancholy” brought on by the deaths of her close pals.

Claims that Queen Elizabeth spotted her predecessor’s ghost come as experts believe there could be as many as 25 spirits haunting Windsor Castle.

Other ghosts thought to be walking through the castle walls are George II and George III, as well as Elizabeth I’s dad, Henry VIII.