Purina Responds to Those Social Media 'Rumors' About Pet Food Safety

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Purina Responds to Social Media 'Rumors'Grace Chon - Getty Images

Recently, allegations have swirled on TikTok and Facebook that there are health and safety issues with Purina pet foods. Should pet owners be concerned? Here's what we know:

In a statement issued on January 5, 2024, and updated on January 15, Purina denied the claims. "Pet parents continue to be understandably scared by an online rumor that there is an issue with Purina pet foods. This rumor is false, and we are saddened to see the confusion and fear that it has caused for pet owners."

According to the statement's FAQ section, Purina has an in-house quality assurance lab staffed by scientists in each of its pet food factories, which together perform more than 100,000 quality assurance tests daily.

"In light of the rumor," Purina's statement continues, "our Quality Assurance team has reviewed all incoming consumer contacts, manufacturing, and quality assurance data (this includes ingredient testing, analytical data throughout the production process, and quality assurance post-production testing) for the past year, and we have found no data or trend that would indicate an issue. We continue to stay on top of this situation, and rest assured that if the possibility of a real issue arises, we will act immediately and make sure our consumers have the information they need."

According to Purina, there are "no current or pending product recalls" on Purina pet foods. A search of the FDA's database confirms that the company's most recent recall was issued on March 10, 2023. That recall was voluntary and pertained to potentially elevated Vitamin D levels in Purina's Pro Plan Veterinary Diets EL Elemental (PPVD EL) prescription dry dog food (see affected UPC and Production Codes).

What should pet owners do if they're concerned?

Complaints about any brand of pet food should be reported to the FDA (see instructions for How to Report a Pet Food Complaint). If your pet is experiencing symptoms, consult a vet.

If you have a question or concern related to Purina pet foods, the company also encourages customers reach out directly via its online contact form.

According to the company, "As few as two complaints about the same Purina product can trigger an internal investigation. If an issue is validated, we act quickly and without hesitation. Our 2023 voluntary recall of one of our prescription diets was issued after receiving and investigating two complaints of illness. We issued that recall within days and before the FDA had begun its investigation."

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