Puregym Is Reopening and These Are the Major Changes They're Making so You Can Workout

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Photo credit: James McCauley

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  • PureGym has announced their reopening strategy for when they're given the green light to open again.
  • The UK fitness chain unveiled their action plan, TrainSafe, to ease member's peace of mind.
  • The plan includes limiting numbers, new gym floor layouts and extensive cleaning routines.

UK-wide gym chain PureGym has announced their reopening plans, after closing their doors for 3 months as part of the national Covid-19 lockdown.

While they didn't give a hard and fast opening date – we know that gyms in the UK may open up as early as July – they have announced their post-lockdown action plan, TrainSafe, and released photos of what their gyms look like after social distancing-friendly a redesign.

Photo credit: James McCauley
Photo credit: James McCauley

PureGym's reopening strategy

  • Equipment and layouts will be changed to allow for social distancing
  • New self-cleaning stations have been provided for members to wipe down kit before and after use
  • Kit and surfaces will be cleaned throughout the day by staff, with a deep clean with high-grade anti-viral disinfectant every night
  • Working out with someone else and ‘spotting’ will be prohibited
  • Numbers in the gym will be limited, and members will be able to check the number of people in the gym on the PureGym app to avoid busy times and queues
  • Contactless entry will make visits safer with new QR scanners installed in all gyms

Their strategy was developed with help of an advisory panel, which included NHS doctors and sports scientists, PureGym said in a statement.

'We’ve been incredibly busy in the past few months redefining our cleaning and safety standards so that our members can return to the gym knowing that they can work out as safely as possible,' PureGym CMO Stephen Rowe said.

They'll also be relying on members play their part, Rowe added, by wiping down their equipment, only coming to the gym if they feel well, and using the hand sanitiser available.

Photo credit: James McCauley

'The safety of our members and staff is a top priority, and we will be constantly reviewing the guidelines to ensure they are appropriate,' he added.

'Many of our members have really missed the gym, and we’re excited to welcome them back when the time is right.'

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