Pump up your Chest with This Five-Minute Press-up Matrix

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Photo credit: milan2099 - Getty Images
Photo credit: milan2099 - Getty Images

Despite ongoing back and forth between exercise scientists and training aficionados over which movements deserve their places on everybody’s ‘best’ list, one exercise has stood the test of time – it’s credibility never in question – the press-up.

The ultimate ‘do anywhere’ upper-body blaster, the press-up and it’s variations are favoured by everyone from bodybuilders, to combat athletes, to elite military personnel. Basically, it’s GOATed.

This triple threat press-up matrix gives you the opportunity to pack in some serious volume in just five minutes. Perfect for a pre-pool pump, or as a protocol to hit multiple times throughout the day, adding inches to your chest as you go.

Set a timer for five minutes and perform as many rounds as possible of the following trinity of chest burning movements. Rest as necessary to keep repping away with proper form, but aim to pack as many rounds as possible into five minutes, thus maximising that chest pump.

1. Typewriter Press-up x 10

Begin in a press-up position, with slightly wider hand placement. Shift your weight towards one side, and bend at the same elbow to lower your chest towards your hand (A). Keeping your chest close to the ground, shift your weight to the opposite side, straightening your arm whilst bending the other. (B). Move laterally back and forth in this fashion.

2. Hindu press-up x 10

Centre up after your final ‘typewriter’ and begin by pushing your hips up to the sky to create an inverted ‘V’ shape (A). Flex at the elbows, lowering your nose to the ground between your hands, before shifting your weight forward, and pushing the ground away until your hips are on the ground and your torso upright (B). Reverse this movement by driving your hips back up and repeat.

3. Press-up x 10

After your final Hindu Press-up, assume a strong plank position with your core tight and hands planted beneath your shoulders (A). Bend your elbows to bring your chest to the floor (B). Keep your elbows close to your body as you push back up explosively.

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