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Pssst: You can save 35% on a Le Creuset Dutch oven in the brand new Peche color — just in time for summer

It's no secret that Le Creuset is the Beyoncé of cookware. Their pieces are timeless, durable, functional and downright gorgeous. Even Ina Garten uses the iconic French brand's Dutch oven. So we're thrilled to report that you can scoop one up for a whopping $150 off — and it just so happens to come in their gorgeous new summer color: Pêche.

At a healthy 6.75 quarts, this pot can make up to six or seven servings. 

$280 at Le Creuset

As a rule, Le Creuset products are on the pricier side — especially when it comes to the brand's coveted Dutch oven. Normally $430, you can save 35% on this baby, which amounts to $150 in savings. Oh, and it's a brand-new color. Did you hear that? A brand-new Le Creuset color on sale. When does that happen?

To make the deal even sweeter, Le Creuset is throwing in a free set of baking dishes if you spend over $250 (reminder: this Dutch Oven is $280) with the code FLOURPOWER at checkout.

A Le Creuset Dutch oven is one of the most versatile pieces when it comes to both cooking and baking. Its extra-wide base is ideal for searing veggies, slow-cooking soups, roasting meat and baking casseroles — all of which can be easily served from the oven or stove, thanks to the ergonomic handles.

Made with the brand's famous classic sturdy enameled cast iron, the piece is resistant to staining, chipping, cracking and is totally oven-safe up to 500°. Another plus? It's dishwasher-safe, making cleanup less of a chore.

All of that is great, but we're not going to pretend that aesthetics aren't important. The new Pêche color is a soft peachy-coral shade that adds a touch of warm color to your kitchen without overwhelming it. "Pêche" is also, appropriately, the French word for peach.

Le Creuset cookware in the new peach color on a peach table.
Don't look now, but it's Pêche-picking season! (Le Creuset)

Shoppers are clearly fans of the Le Creuset Signature Round Wide Dutch Oven, awarding it an impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars across hundreds of reviews.

"Have had it for maybe a month and use it almost every day," started one five-star reviewer. "Have made bread, an entire chicken, all kinds of sauces, pot dishes, veggie and meat dishes. I just love the size, as it gives you space to brown the meat and soften the veggies. Have not had one bad cooking experience with it; even made perfect fries with it!"

"Finally a pan with height and width that I can use to braise a higher quantity of meats," wrote a Le Creuset fan. "I have a large braiser pan from Le Creuset, (which I love), but I always wish it was either a little bit wider or higher to accommodate more meat. This pan meets my expectations. Well done, Le Creuset."

In need of a recipe rec? This happy shopper has you covered: "I used the recipe from Le Creuset for the One-Pot Fennel, Orange and Red Onion Chicken. It was delicious, and I think having the lower sides makes a difference in cooking."

"I have been wanting a good Dutch oven for some time and did a lot of research before ordering," explained another home cook. "So many reviews stated that it was well worth the investment and I absolutely agree. I have used it several times already with great success and it is easy to clean up too."

As one final shopper put it: "This will be used at every family gathering for generations. Large and good for a variety of recipes."

For the most part, shoppers are showering the Dutch oven with praise — but a handful of them have the same complaint: The weight. "It was too heavy to handle," explained one customer. Another agreed, but added, "That's the territory."

Another customer also mentioned the size. "I didn't realize it was a wide pot which would not fit on the back burners of the stove." Keep that in mind before smashing the checkout button.

If you're not feeling the Pêche, you can also shop the Dutch oven in classic colors — like Caribbean — on sale. 

$280 at Le Creuset

And it's not just the Dutch oven: Le Creuset has marked down a handful of products in Pêche, including the cutest mini cocotte. Shop 'em all ...

How can you expect to complete your at-home Great British Baking Show technical challenge without a good set of baking dishes? These guys are made from premium stoneware that ensures excellent heat distribution with a smooth interior that doesn't crack. 

$135 at Le Creuset

A cross between a Dutch oven and a sauté pan, the sauteuse is great for sauteing (natch), searing, braising, frying and baking everything from pasta to brownies. The enameled cast iron pot is oven- and dishwasher-safe and suitable for all cooktops, even induction.

$350 at Le Creuset

A more affordable way to incorporate some Pêche into your kitchen is with this mini Dutch oven. Use it to serve dips, condiments, snacks, desserts or individual-portioned sides. 

$22 at Le Creuset

A uniform crock-and-utensil set is always a good idea. Beyond the stylish design, the silicone tools are seriously durable. Meanwhile, the crock is designed with stoneware that resists chips, scratches and stains. 

$70 at Le Creuset

If you want to deck out your kitchen with Pêche, it's time to take advantage of the major savings on this 5-piece cookware set. Complete your cooking arsenal with the versatile round Dutch oven, saucepan and skillet — all for an incredible value. 

$575 at Le Creuset

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