PSA: Kinder Bueno Frappuccinos Are A Thing Thanks To Starbucks' Secret Menu

Marianna Gould
·1-min read

If Starbucks' latest Bubblegum Frappuccino wasn't enough, we've just discovered that you can order a Kinder Bueno Frappuccino from the coffee chain's secret menu.

And guys, it's game-changing.

Thanks to a range of internet sleuths and genius baristas, we've found out exactly what you need to ask for if you fancy trying this hazelnut-flavoured explosion.

A White Chocolate Cream Frappuccino with hazelnut syrup and cookies (inside and on top). Yep, it's as easy as that!

With this drink featuring white mocha and hazelnut flavours, we can't help but think this is going to become our new go-to Starbucks drink (soz Salted Caramel Hot Choc).

All sorts of delicious hacks and secret menu combinations have been going viral (we've even rounded up our favourites here), but this Kinder Bueno Frapp is certainly stand-out.

In a video that now has over 1 million views and counting, TikToker, Eva Rankin, tries the viral Starbucks drink.

"Oh my God," she says. "It literally tastes like Kinder Bueno!"

*Frantically searches for the closest Starbucks drive thru*

And it's not just Kinder Bueno Frapps you can get involved with, according to even more online Starbucks fanatics, you can order Kinder Bueno Ice Coffees as well as Kinder Bueno Hot Chocolates! What a world we live in, aye?

Visited Starbucks lately? Then you'll know the coffee chain's spring menu has everything from Chocolate Chip Cookie Lattes to Plant-Based Spinach & Pea Falafel Wraps (aka, the ultimate treat-yourself lunch).

We know where we're heading first thing tomorrow morning...

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