PSA: Hailey Bieber just chopped all her hair off in a major hair transformation

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Hailey Bieber debuts new short hair transformationDia Dipasupil - Getty Images

While we all like to take the weekend to recover from the work week, it seems Hailey Bieber succumbed to her intrusive thoughts and chopped all her hair off. We're not even being overly dramatic (for once), this is a major hair change. We were really not prepared.

Mrs Bieber should have really given us some warning before dropping the new hair look so casually on her Instagram stories over the weekend. In case you missed the big reveal, don't worry, we've secured the goods:

hailey bieber debuts new bob hair transformation
Hearst Owned

The model captioned the huge news with the words: "oops 💇♀️". It's all so casual.

It's hard to imagine a day where we don't think about chopping all our hair off, but Hailey went and actually did it. We salute you, Hailey.

We can't think of a time when the Rhode founder had shorter hair. Although the shoulder-length 'bronde' look has become a signature for Hailey in recent months, this is the biggest hair switch up she's delivered in a good while. The chin-length bob seems effortlessly chic and we can't get enough.

hailey bieber debuts new bob hair transformation
Hearst Owned

Hailey also debuted the new 'do to her followers on TikTok, so we got to see the new baby bob live in action:

It's so good, we can't believe she's never had her hair this short before.

It's only January and she's gone and delivered the biggest hair transformation of the year (so far anyway). If this doesn't give you the inspo to make the big chop, we don't know what will.

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