Prue Has Very Strong Opinions About How Her New Co-Host Will Change 'GBBO'

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prue leith and alison hammond
Prue Has High Hopes For New 'GBBO' Co-HostIona Wolff/BAFTA / Charles Sykes/Bravo / Getty Images

After judge Matt Lucas announced his resignation from The Great British Bake Off in December 2022, fans waited to see whom the comedian would “pass the baguette” to. When TV personality Alison Hammond was confirmed to be the new Bake Off judge, many rejoiced because she's known to be downright HILARIOUS on screen.

While all of the Bake Off judges have shared their excitement, Dame Prue Leith seems to be especially thrilled at Hammond’s arrival.

In a recent appearance on the Dish podcast, Leith stayed true to the show's title, getting candid about her hopes for her incoming co-host and how she'll change the show. More than anything, Leith seems to hope that being having another woman on set will be refreshing after the former male judges’ sophomoric humour.

“I feel I’m really glad Alison’s coming, because at least she’s a woman and she’ll be a little more sensible,” she told Dish hosts Nick Grimshaw and Angela Hartnett, according to the Independent.

Of course, Hartnett was quick to challenge Leith, noting that Hammond herself is no stranger to cracking quick jokes on air. (Of Hammond’s many famous TV appearances, her most memorable might be busting out Connect 4 in an interview with Beyoncé.)

But Leith clarified that she more specifically hoped that Hammond would tone down all the risqué on-air innuendos.

“Those three men, they’re like three children. The word ‘sausage’ puts them into,” Leith said, before the hosts quickly burst out in laughter. “But anyway, that’s them. Over and over again, I’m the butt of the joke because I’m standing there and I don’t understand why everyone’s laughing.”

Though Leith might be wishing to have some solidarity in seriousness, other Bake Off judges seem to be excited to have another pal to crack jokes with. In the comments of Hammond’s Bake Off announcement post (in which she hilariously interviews a figurine of herself alongside fellow Bake Off judges atop a cake), judge Noel Fielding expressed his excitement.

“We are gonna have an absolute blast together. I can’t wait. I’m buzzing,” Fielding wrote, “Two naughty kids together :).” “I can’t wait for your infectious laugh to be ringing through the tent,” Leith commented.

This isn’t the first time that Leith expressed hopes that the newest Bake Off judge might shake things up for cast chemistry. After the announcement of Lucas’s departure, Leith shared some thoughts about Lucas’s and Fielding’s rapport. “The truth is that I've never understood Matt and Noel’s jokes anyway,” she told E! Online.